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Students around the globe are faced with difficulties when it comes to writing academic papers. This is attributed to several factors, such as poor writing skills, failure to understand the question, problem choosing a suitable topic among others.  With this understanding, our academic writing services team has written this article to help history students write effectively for better results.


History assignment involves studying the past from recorded books, articles, journals, movies, etc.  This means you will need to retrieve the relevant materials selectively and interpret the information. Knowing what to write in your history paper and understanding of the subject matter is the first and very important step to writing. There are different ways to approach essay assignments, visit, and upgrade your knowledge.

Like any other discipline, you will be expected to write different history assignments. The most common types of history papers include analytical and narrative assignments. However, they take an almost similar form, in that you should develop a strong debatable argument which should be supported by evidence.  The thesis statement is the backbone of your essay, consult our academic writing services for help on how to formulate a strong claim for your next paper.

Picking sources for your paper

With a topic and a thesis statement, it’s important to identify the sources of your supporting materials.  There are two different sources namely primary and secondary sources.

During the actual study of your subject, you will gather information from participants. The participants will be the primary source. On the other hand, secondary sources include books, journals that are written after the study. They cover the details of primary sources.

Use of evidence in history papers

Evidence in every academic writing is key. It’s also vital to note that sources are different from evidence.  In history papers, it’s critical to consider the following before using any source in your work

  • The credibility of the author
  • Date of publication and place of publication
  • What influenced the authors work?
  • What was the target audience?
  • How relevant are the sources to your study area and its similarities to other sources? i.e. critical evaluation of the source.
  • What exactly do you need to do as you write that history paper?

Your evidence should be from credible sources. Determining which sources are reliable is a major challenge for some students. Lucky you, you have discovered Our team of experts is always at standby to provide all the assistance you may need for your history paper through our efficient academic writing services.

Interpreting and writing about the past is the bone of contention among historians. However, this shouldn’t be a problem, provided you have clearly understood the question and instructions from your professor, you are at liberty to use the best format that suits the assignment. You must not start writing your essay if you have any doubts. Consult first, then proceed as your instructor’s guidance supersedes every other advice or counsel.


There are however some general guidelines that should be followed when tackling a history paper. Study each carefully and be sure to write with ease.

I.Always write in the past tense

 The subject name is history, about the past. Everything should be in the past and this makes it different from other academic writings.

2.Be specific

Be specific in your arguments and avoid generalization. If you are unsure about an instance, just leave it. Vagueness is not allowed in history papers.

3.Avoid presentism

As you write about past events, don’t relate all your arguments with what is in the current situation. The past should be separate from real-life events. Follow the right order f how events have occurred chronologically to avoid mix up.

4.Respect the subjects in your paper

Don’t be judgmental and biased against the actors in the past. You should not develop negativity in your paper because of their deeds. Be neutral, always refrain your feelings.

5.Stay away from quotations

It’s common for students to quote a text or phrase in their essays, while this is allowed, try as much as possible but only quote if you must.  Make sure you cite the source of your quotation and the and its context. Instead paraphrase as this helps you develop analytical skills.


A successful history paper calls for extensive research. Read widely, evaluate the sources, critically offer an interpretation of the evidence, and present your results basing on the texts and contexts of the text/source.

7.Format style

How you cite your sources and quotations determines the overall quality of your paper.  In most cases, history papers use the Chicago style during referencing which involves the use of footnotes and end notes.  In rare cases, parenthetical citations are used depending on the assignment. If the format is not stated in the assignment instruction, its good to check with your instructor. Do you need to learn more about the different styles, where, and how to use them? It’s simple, just sign up to website. Offering academic writing services is what we do best.

 8.Formal writing

 Being formal and using academic voice is essential. The choice of language, vocabularies should be scholarly. Slang, use of the first and second person as well as passive voices should be avoided. Stick to academic writing tone.

9.Edit and proofread

Never submit a paper without reading it several to rule out any grammatical, spelling, punctuation error.  Thanks to online academic writing services, that allows you to get professional editing services

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