American Government – Precedents Set By George Washington and Discussion Topic

1) Precedents Set By George Washington

George Washington was aware that many of his actions would be regarded as precedents. Here are three precedents that Washington established:

Washington created the first Presidential Cabinet. Who was on the Cabinet, and what Departments did they represent? Who is on the Cabinet today, and what Departments do they represent?
Washington was the first President to leave office after two terms. Did he specifically intend for future presidents to be limited to two terms? Who were the four presidents who tried for third terms? Who was the successful one?
Washington was the first to establish foreign policy, and issued the Proclamation of Neutrality. What situation did this proclamation address? What agency advises the President on foreign policy today? What is the role of this agency?
Be sure to include where you got your information. For example, include website addresses.

Submit your work as an attached file. Paper should be a minimum of 150 words. Double-space your paper and use 12 point Times New Roman as your font.

2) Discussion: Presidential Decisions


Read both the word documents attached for President Thomas Jefferson before responding to the discussion questions below. As you read the word documents, think about the consequences of those decisions.

The precedents set by Thomas Jefferson was far reaching. What precedents did he set with the decisions he made that are in effect today? What do you think – was the decision a good one, or did it have unfortunate unforseen consequences?

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