Annotated Bibliography Advanced Social Psychology

Annotated Bibliography
Advanced Social Psychology
Due October 18, 2016 at 1:35PM
The due date is not negotiable, for every day the literature review is late, I will subtract 10 points. After ten days, you will earn a zero. Do not e-mail this to me several days late or weeks late with an email explaining why it was so late, you will still earn a zero. Do not bring a hard copy to class or email the annotated bibliography to me, the annotated bib must be uploaded to the annotated bib drop box located under the lessons file, in the annotated bibliography file.
Total points: 100
Each journal article paragraph is worth 10 points; you need a total of 10.
The purpose of this annotated bibliography is to review the literature associated with your topic. You are to perform an in-depth search for empirical research (research articles) in your area of interest in Advanced Social Psychology. You will choose a topic, based on those discussed in class, for instance, Attribution, Social Proof, Altruistic behavior etc. The topic will be the topic for your paper in this class. Reviewing the literature is the first step in writing a quality paper. The literature review informs the writer about the current findings in the area of interest. The writer uses the literature review as a spring-board for the paper, (or future research). The information found in the literature review will be synthesized in the paper due in this class. Recent research (within the last five years) is acceptable. Older articles must be approved by me.
1. Choose a topic from Social Psychology.
2. Your literature will be used for the paper; you cannot switch your topic once you submit your annotated bibliography.
3. Once you have chosen ten articles, you must include them in your paper, so choose wisely (you can add more, but not subtract the ones you have chosen)
4. Conduct a search via the online data bases, such as Psych Info, or Proquest.
5. Identify 10 articles that relate to and support your topic.
6. Write a synopsis, at least one paragraph long, (half page, double spaced, times new roman, 12 point font, 1 inch margin on top, bottom & both sides) describing in detail the purpose of the research, any methodology, describe the sample (number of people, any pertinent factors such as race, ethnicity, age, gender, geographical location, etc). Do not use direct quotes, this is a descriptive paragraph using your own words.
7. Be sure to include the findings, this is important. Do not get caught up in the statistics and numbers refer to the discussion section at the end of the article.
8. Use correct APA format.
9. At the top of each paragraph, you must list the article in correct APA format, as if you were listing it in a reference list.
10. You will receive 0 points for every article you submit that was not found in the online database, from peer reviewed journals. (No Wikipedia, online dictionaries, certainly not web-sites, and info, etc)
Grading Rubric
1. 10 articles worth 10 points each
Of that five points
2= correct citing of the article at the top of the paragraph
4=cohesive, well written description
2=proper length, followed directions
2=summary of the findings
My advice,
Do not wait to do this assignment until the last minute. This is an assignment that will take a long time to complete properly. Searching and identifying ten articles can take several hours. Once the articles are identified, you need to read them, the articles can be anywhere from 10 to 30 pages each so this is also time consuming. Summarizing each article once it is read can take anywhere from a half an hour to an hour. If you do let this go, and find you do not have enough time, remember, you have been fully informed and warned, therefore, I will not give you any leeway regarding the due date. At any time in life, personal matters, etc can happen, therefore waiting until the last minute is not a wise decision.
I would do the search, print the articles, then read one a day & write about it, for ten days.
Let me know if you have any questions.

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