Argumentative Essay Guide

Steps For Writing An Effective Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a kind of writing where the student is expected to take a stance on a matter. Argumentative essays are common assignments in higher institutions of learning and high schools.  Through the essay, the student takes a position concerning an issue and they aim at persuading the reader to look at the issue from their point of view and understand it the same way the have understood it.  The student states their reasons for their stand and provides evidence in support of their view.


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Its important to note that a student wants the reader to support their argument. With this in mind, the student should strive to write an essay that the reader will follow easily and understand.  To help the student write a strong argumentative essay where every reader will support their argument, there are key steps to be followed. The steps are as outline below.

The essay has four main parts, which the student should ensure are well thought out and show harmony in terms of the logical flow of ideas.  Your essay should be straightforward in all aspects. These four parts are:

Introductory paragraph- This paragraph comprises the topic, any relevant background information that can help the reader to better understand your argument. Remember to highlight your evidence and finally state your thesis here.

Thesis statement– Thesis statement plays a very vital role in your argumentative essay; it summarizes your main point and claim.  It should be concise.

Body paragraphs-Typically, there will be there or four paragraphs in an argumentative essay. Each paragraph will explain a different idea such as why you are supporting your thesis, evidence for your support. They should start with a simple and clear topic sentence to explain why the reader should support your argument and a sentence that summarizes the whole idea of every paragraph. It is important to provide rich evidence as well as back up your argument with statistics, examples, research and text citations where necessary.

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Remember, you are disagreeing with other writers’ opinions and your goal is to make the reader buy your own idea and support you. To earn the readers trust, you must present facts so to disregard the other views or objections they may be having to adopt your own view.

Conclusion– Normally, the conclusion will consist of a one paragraph reinstating your thesis and at the same time summarizing your arguments as presented in the body. A good conclusion should appeal to the readers’ emotions. In some cases, the student explains how they are affected by the topic at a personal level.

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Choose a topic and state your point of view- Choose a topic that sparks two or three solid conflicting points of view and at the same time excites you.  Pick a topic that you are well familiar with and feel strongly about. With a topic at hand, list down the main points from both sides, state your arguments, list the points you will use as an evidence. Take your stand and prove why the reader and every other person should take a similar stand.

Gather evidence- In your essay, the first step towards evidence gathering is assessing your personal view as well as the view of other people. To have your view carry the day, collect as much evidence as possible from books, internet, research and provide examples so as to shoot down the other people’s opinions effectively.

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Present both sides of the argument– Bring the arguments from both sides of your topic. Present the strongest points supporting your view. Once done, back it up with factual and reliable evidence to demonstrate why you are right and others wrong.

Conclusion– Create a conclusion by summarizing your argument. At this point you might include your strongest evidence, support it with statistics, source, year of publication if it’s a book and author. This will ensure that there is no room for doubt in the reader’s mind. The last sentence should emphasize on why readers should support your thought.

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