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An admission essay is a piece of writing that allows you to explain who are you are.  It goes beyond writing about your school performance to get a chance to be admitted to a learning institution. Your admission letter should add life to your application letter. It also allows you to showcase your writing skills, share personality, life experiences, talents, achievements, goals, challenges, and influences. However, you should differentiate it from an autobiography, don’t write everything about yourself rather, write only that which increases your chance of admission.


It is a significant paper as it offers the student an opportunity to directly talk to the college admission office. Also referred to as a personal statement in some cases, it should be very impressive, concise, accurate, honest, and have a logical flow. Let us write that perfect admission essay for you. We are the leading online providers of the Best essay help.

 To write an excellent admission essay that will earn you a place in that college you always dreamt of, here are the tips.

Understand the purpose

Your admission essay as said earlier must boost your application into a college.  As you capture your personality, you are the boss. You choose what to share and how to go about it. It is important to think ways in which your essay will be unique and imagine you are to stand before the admission committee and share the most crucial details about yourself. What would you say? How would you say it? This is what you are translating into writing. Also, to include in your essay is why you should be considered. Why is the university your best choice? You are the reason we continue to offer the Best Essay Help services, let us answer any query you may be having with your admission essay.

Know your prompt

You shouldn’t be in a rush to write. Take enough time to understand the questions or essay prompts. Usually, college essays will pick on one or two main ideas/topics that the essay should concentrate on. There can be some variations in personality, but the goal is to challenge you, fuel your creativity and insight. Consider doing the following;

  • Read the question/prompt over and over again to fully understand what is expected of you.
  • Take time to critically think about the question and allow it to sink.
  • Define what you are aiming at. What do you want to achieve? Support defend, inform, or expound?
  • If you are yet to understand the question, ask yourself how the topic applies to you.



Explore all possible ideas that you think can help you answer the essay question.  By doing so, writing becomes easy and allows you to;

Reflect. You are writing about yourself, spend ample time to reflect on your strengths, most memorable experiences, what is so unique about your personality that will make you stand out.

Write down all ideas that come into your mind. As you start to write, you might need to refer to a point.

Narrow down the scope. From the ideas, choose three that best answers the essay question/prompt. Consider one that captures who you really are and can be explained further and still maintain the attention of the reader.

Choose the story you want to share. From the three main points, select one. You must be able to expound on. Have all the necessary supporting details to demonstrate your qualities, beliefs, and abilities.

Create an outline

An outline is a framework of your essay. It allows you to shape, plan your essay, and guide you through as you write. The layout should help you in;

Just like any other essay, it should bear an introduction, the body, and the conclusion. This enhances the readability and smooth flow of ideas.

Strategize. This is especially important when you are thinking about how to start your essay. Your introduction should be captivating to interest the reader.  Depending on the tone of your essay, you can consider starting with a question, quote, humor, or an anecdote. Make it as interesting as possible.

Stick to your style and voice. You are writing about yourself; you should write as if you are talking and be natural in every way. The outline keeps on track to avoid changing the style in the middle of writing.  Get the Best Essay Help on how to create an outline for your essay.

Write the essay

You have adhered to all the above four steps. You have a lot to write about the topic of your choice and you know how to write it.  Tell the story in a draft, revise it till you have the required word counts and you also happy with it.

While you write, keep the following in mind;

The focus should be kept narrow and personal.  Concentrating on the main ideas keeps your reader’s attention glued.

Be specific. Avoid using phrases or too many detailed facts to support your main ideas.  

Be yourself. Write it yourself and be original.  Be unique in your way and try to bring out the best.

Be concise. Be brief as possible at the same capturing every relevant information. You also strive to ensure clarity in your ideas.

Edit and proofread

 This is a very imperative step in your essay. You cannot afford to overlook it and submit an admission letter that is full of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and format style errors. If you do so, it’s a clear indication that you are not interested in joining the college. You don’t want this to happen, get professional essay editing services from our providers of Best Essay Help. They will iron out your essay to ensure it is 100% error-free.

Here is what you need to do;

Give yourself and essay time to rest.  If time allows, give yourself up to a day before you start editing.  This helps you have a new approach and focus on every word and not what you think you wrote. This helps you identify any error in wording.

Don’t depend on your computer alone. Some spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors may be undetectable hence the need to carefully review your essay.  Abbreviations, slang, and acronyms are not allowed in your essay.

Pick on someone else to read your work. This can be your friend, your teacher, or your mentor.  Allowing another person to read your work will help you correct any mistake you had not seen yourself.  They will also review your essay to determine if the message is clear and addressed to the target audience.

Loudly read out your essay. This allows you to realize where your sentences are wrongly constructed, wrong punctuation, and even typing mistakes.

Ensure consistency. This includes the use of tenses. Also, if you had mentioned the name of the college, ensure it is the correct name and be careful not to mention any other college in the same essay.


You essay is perfect and ready for submission. We celebrate you and remind you to write your name, ID number if you have one from your school and your contact information. Also, keep copies of your admission essay and do a follow up to ensure your essay was received.

Get the Best Essay Help from Advanced and you will be guaranteed a place in that college. We will also be privileged to continue offering essay writing services at your new level.

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