Business Presentation


Read the following article, summary (well organized with-introduction/key/insight/result/limitation/conclusion) and analyze it, and provide key insights in a PROFESSIONAL MEMO. Make sure be able to demonstrate the ability to apply critical thinking, write and to lead an insightful discussion on brand management.


Purpose of the memo (5) Clear and concise writing (15) Depth and comprehensiveness of analysis (20) Logical analysis (15) Substance of the memo (15) Grammar and spelling (15) Support for arguments (10) Conclusions (5) 2 pages for 1.5 spaced (The memo should be 2.5 pages double spaced, and the presentation notes should be half a page).
In addition I want 8 PPT slides for the presentation. It need to demonstrate your understanding of the article’s main argument by providing an introduction section, a background section, and an explanation of the method that was used to explain them. The PPTs should also explain results for each segments as well as key finding, limitation of the study, and finally, the conclusion. BASICALLY, I WANT THE 8 PPT SLIDES PRESENTATION TO COVER THE IMPORTANT INFORMATION/INSIGHT FROM THE ARTICLE


The PowerPoint Presentation is attached below:

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