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How to write an effective annotated bibliography

Just like any other assignment on academic writing, it is imperative to understand what exactly is required of you to write an annotated bibliography effectively.


To get started, we will define what an annotated bibliography is. An Annotated bibliography comprises two words, but what dothey mean? An annotation is a description of an article or a book to a reader, who upon reading it, can decide either to complete reading the whole work or not to.  Annotations are somehow different from abstracts. While abstracts are a summary of an article and usually descriptive. annotations are both descriptive and analytical in that they can critically evaluate the article. A bibliography is a list of references or book citations.

An annotated bibliography is therefore defined as a well-organized list of citations of either books, articles, or journals. Each of these citations has a brief descriptive or evaluative summary which is normally a length of one paragraphing containing 100-200 words.

It’s also essential to understand that there are two types of annotated bibliographies: descriptive also referred to as informative bibliography and analytical or critical bibliography. To learn more about the differences between the two, buy academic papers online, and start the journey to a guaranteed academic success.

Descriptive/informative bibliography. Like an abstract, it provides a description or a summary of the cited sources. It will highlight the value of the sources to the research question or topic as well as a description of the main ideas and conclusion from the author’s perspective.

Analytical /critical bibliography. It does not only give a summary of the sources but critically analyses the sources. It evaluates both the weaknesses and strengths of the author’s arguments and their use of the research.

Why use an annotated bibliography? An annotated bibliography is an important item in your assignment as it serves different purposes which differ depending on the type of assignment. Below are just a few roles;

  • Give a literature review of a particular article or book.
  • Explain articles or subjects that may be of interest to other researchers.
  • Gives examples of the main sources of available information on a topic.
  • Demonstrate your research on a specific subject/topic.
  • Helps in thesis formulation on a given subject.
  • Inform your reader of the importance, quality, and accuracy of the sources.

With a clear understanding of what annotated bibliography is, the two types, and the purpose, it is time to get started.  Its also imperative to note that while APA format is mostly followed, you may be expected to use a different format by your instructor, hence very important to check with him/her first.   If you are uncertain about the different format styles, sign up to our website and buy academic papers online that adhere to all your instructions.

Being an exam, you must put a considerable amount of effort and skills such as analytical, informed library research and concise exposition to write effectively to earn high grades, here are simple tips to guide you through the writing process.

Choose your sources. Like any other form of academic writing, extensive research and rigorous reading are essential for an effective annotation bibliography. Upon reading and researching, identify materials that apply to your subject or topic. As you research, put down some notes on those sources, the arguments, and any other useful information.  This is daunting to many students, but you need not worry, you can buy academic papers online and save energy for other use.

Review the items. With the sources, briefly examine band review each of the source and select those with a lot of information and looks at your topic from different perspectives. You can also consider using abstracts from books or articles.

Write the citation and annotation. As you write, ensure that the citation always comes first, followed by the annotation. Ensure every citation is properly done and the right format used. If the style is not indicated in the instruction, always seek clarification from your instructor.


Your annotation should be both precise and concise focusing on the central theme of the source. The paragraph will focus on the following aspects of the book or article;

  • An evaluation of the author’s authority and background.
  • The principal objective of the work i.e. main purpose and scope.
  • A brief description of the work’s content and format.
  • Focus audience of the author’s work.
  • Its importance to your topic- how does it illuminate your work.
  • State unique and special features of the article e.g. glossary, a good index, etc.
  • Strength, weakness, or any bias in the material if there be any.
  • A comparison between the cited sources.
  • Your thought about the work.

Once you are done, with the writing, do the following

Proofread and edit your work- Most students forget this part as they do not know how important it is to their overall work. Read through your work to identify any grammar, spelling, typing errors, or wrong punctuation. Your paper should be free from this mistake and every sentence well-constructed. At, we have the best writers and professional editors. They will proofread your paper and ensure its content is top-notch. Not forgetting the writers are standby, to deliver quality and error-free work, and this gives you the reason you must buy academic papers online from our team.

Authenticate your work. Original and unique work is a guarantee to better grades if every other instruction is adhered to. Copying other peoples work is a serious crime. The are various available online plagiarism checkers.  

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