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 Academic essays are common assignments in the academic journey. You must have the essential writing skills and learn how to write well. Writing skills are a great possession that will greatly help in your college years. Learning to write good essays is a process, it calls for passion and extra efforts demonstrated. For this reason, most students find themselves committing many errors before they master the art of essay writing.


With the many years, we have been in the provision of professional writing services, we have noted that there are common mistakes that students make and which can really affect their overall performance. While essays are an unavoidable part of learning, it’s possible to write brilliantly. To help students avoid this mistake we offer research paper help in all disciplines.

To have an effective essay that has an impressive introduction, a well-organized body, and a powerful conclusion here are the common mistakes that every essay writer must avoid.

Content Mistakes

The content of the essay is very imperative. To have the right content its important to research widely, gather evidence to support your arguments, and indicate all the sources. Your content should be clear, focused, simple, straightforward, and have a logical flow. Concerning your content, check out for the following mistakes.

Content that doesn’t relate to the topic. This can be avoided by clearly understanding the question and choosing a topic that interests the reader and that you can easily express your thoughts about. Before you write, concentrate on the research and reading on the topic. By so doing, you are demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of your topic and this makes your essay worth the reader’s attention. Reading widely also helps maintain relevance, furnish your reader with correct information that should be supported by evidence. Use statistics and pictures where necessary.

Wrong structure. For every great essay, it must have the three major components namely; the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. If your essay lacks any of these crucial components, it is incomplete and regarded to be a bad essay.

The introduction introduces your topic to the reader, it is imperative to grab your reader’s attention by using an appropriate phrase. Your first impression will determine the mood of your reader.

The body of the essay is the meat of your essay. It should be comprehensive. Your body should discuss the research on the main subject .it elaborates on your arguments as well as showing the opinions of other experts where necessary.

Finally, we have the conclusion which should come last. The conclusion gives a summary of your entire essay from which inference and evaluation of your work will be drawn. Learn more about writing a good introduction, body, and conclusion from the research paper help.

Absence of thesis statement. The thesis statement of the problem statement will appear in the last sentences of your introduction. It helps the reader understand the aim of your essay. It answers the question of WHY? All the arguments in the entire essay are meant to answer this question. Come up with a strong thesis that is debatable, and be sure to have enough points to support it as you are convincing your reader on your findings.

Plagiarism. This defined as stealing other people’s work and presenting it as your own. This is a very grievous mistakes student make intentionally or unintentionally. To avoid this, read widely, start working on your essay early, and once you are done with your essay subject it to a plagiarism checker. Only unique and original content will earn you high grades. You can learn more about how to write original essays from research paper help.

Styling Mistakes

No matter how your arguments are well formulated, proper research done, good structure and original content, without correct styling your essay will not be categorized as best. Look out for the following to avoid styling mistakes.

Repetition of words and expressions. Most students find themselves struggling with the repetition of words and phrases. This is due to the inability to express their ideas in a clearer way. Repetition makes your essay dull and too predictable. This will make the reader lose interest in your essay. You can overcome this by use of synonyms.


Informal or too formal writing. Always keep in mind that all your academic writing calls for a particular glossary, more so for disciplines that are specialized hence the need to use several terms. It is very important to know the type of essay and what is required of you. Informal writing such use of slang is not allowed in all academic essays. Explore the right vocabularies or terminologies that suit your essay and avoid over-usage. strike a balance between informal and informal writing and know where and how to use each.

Improper sentence structure. Observe keenly the kind and structure of your sentences. For exciting essays, use both simple and compound sentences. In other words, avoid the use of very long or short sentences alone. Use both to enhance readability and improve your reader’s understanding of your arguments.

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Mistakes

It is common for the student to avoid errors in their content, styling but forget to check on their grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  Once you have completed your essay, it is important to read through twice or thrice. Read it aloud to detect these mistakes. You can as well share your work with a friend or professionals to help in proofreading and editing your essay from research paper help. For grammar and spelling errors you can also consider using the available online tools such as Grammarly.

Proper punctuation makes your essay easy to read, understand, and the intended meaning from every word, phrase, clause, sentence, paragraph, and the entire essay. Here are just a few common punctuation mistakes that you should work on,

  • Subject-verb disagreement.
  • Lack of a comma after an introductory phrase.
  • Interrupters without a comma.
  • Incomplete sentences.
  • Lack of full stops and quotation marks.

When writing your essay, pay close attention to every detail, and do all you can to minimize errors and you can be sure that your professor will appreciate your work and reward you with good grades.  To write excellently, improve your academic performance make your academic partner, our research paper help is unquestionable. With us, you can never make writing mistakes.

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