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Writing a reaction paper is an activity where the student is required to give an analysis of information they have read in a book or a movie and give their comments on the text. It is important to note that a reaction paper is different from a book review in that it is derived from the first person and takes a subjective perspective.


 When writing a reaction paper, use of phrases such as I think, I believe, and being emotional as you express your thoughts is allowed. This is not so in a book review. For more differences between a reaction paper and a book review read throughour College Essay Writing Service. As you express your thoughts, reactions, and emotions your reaction paper must follow the appropriate structure.

Your reaction is important because;

  • It helps develop the skills to express oneself academically and professionally.
  • It gives an opportunity for a student to showcase their research skills, understanding, and ability to communicate information.
  • Helps exercises verbal skills in written format as one expresses their opinion about the topic. These are just a few reasons why it’s important you write a reaction paper and there are more on College Essay Writing Service. Before you write your reaction paper, make sure you do the following;

Read the material/text keenly

You read the text you are reacting on a couple of times and carefully to ensure you get every detail clearly. The same procedure should apply if it is a movie or film you are supposed to watch and write a reaction paper. Summarize the obtained information.

Mark every text, or part of the movie that is interesting or unique

This is important as it helps you pay attention to crucial aspects that impressed you and look at them later after your reading or watching is over.

Write down your thoughts as you read or watch

 By doing so, you will not forget any important idea that comes in your mind as you read or watch.

Develop a thesis statement

From your short notes, generate the main idea which you will work on as you start writing.   Formulate it a single sentence to be your thesis statement.

Create an outline

An outline before you write your paper will help you a great deal as it will help you express your thoughts logically as well as keeping you focused on your thesis statement. You outline should bear an introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion, and a list of references.

Construct your paper

If you have done all the above, you are ready to write your paperor get help from the College Essay Writing Service.

With the main ideas, thesis and an outline, follow the following step by step guide for an effective reaction paper.

Draft your paper

You can not write effectively without a draft.  To compose your draft, use the outline you already created to affirm the main ideas of your paper. Write a draft of your entire paper to have every part of your reaction paper, that is an introduction, body, and conclusion.


Introduction. Should entail a summary and the question under discussion, author details, title and main characters. The last sentence should be your thesis statement illustrating the objective of your work that should be supported by the body paragraphs.

Body paragraphs. This is where you focus on your reaction. Give an explanation that is supported by a quote from the book or movie. Every reaction should have proof or a link. By so doing you avoid being too subjective.

Conclusion. Give a summary of your opinions, reinstate the thesis statement and express what you think of the future regarding your topic, you can also consider the inclusion of how the book or movie impacts you, other students in your class or even your audience. Don’t forget to get all the help you need when stuck from College Essay Writing Service.

Express your opinion

Remember you are giving a reaction; thus, you should not shy away. express your thoughts freely. include background information and an analysis of your paper.  As you give your thoughts, always remember to cite the source.

Avoid being carried away by criticism

Even though you are expressing your thoughts, both positive and negative, concerning a particular subject criticism should be measured. Every critique must be supported by evidence and a clear example. Avoid being rude.

With the draft ready, this is the moment you have been waiting for: to write you final copy. As you write consider the following.

  • Ensure you observe the basic academic writing standards. Write clearly, use simple language, ensure logical flow and coherence of your ideas.
  • The main paragraph must express a single idea in the topic sentence as the other sentences support the idea with evidence.
  • Just like any other academic writing, you should support your thoughts with examples, data, and quotes from the book or movie. Look for quotes, numerical data, and any other practical material that is relevant to your work. This makes your arguments strong, interesting, and live and in return earns you high grades.
  • Stick to a common format.  This format consists of a summary, your reaction, and a conclusion. This format is provided by your professor in the instructions.

Proofread and edit your work.  Read every paragraph carefully to ensure there are no typing or grammatical mistakes and to ensure your paper is original use a plagiarism checker. You can also choose to use our College Essay Writing Service for professional proofreading and editing services.

With the knowledge of what reaction is all about, its element and what to consider when given such a task, its equally important to understand the common errors most students make. This will help you write that great reaction paper that will impress your professor.

  • Absence of a structure.  It’s very essential that you should always create an outline and adhere to a clear pattern so to include every crucial detail to your paper.
  • Failing to make notes. Just to reiterate the earlier point, note down every detail you find relevant. This includes the names of the main characters, interesting phrases, etc.
  • Absence of a reference list. Neglecting such an important part of your work lowers your grades. If you quote a certain author do a proper citation.

Now you know how to write a reaction paper, and are already looking forward to a moment when your professor will come with a similar assignment. Always check out for more on College Essay Writing Service for all your writing needs. Need assistance with writing a reaction paper? ORDER NOW

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