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As a student of this school write about it and character development


Title: Georgia Military College and Character Development


Introduction. 1

Overview of Character Development Efforts at Georgia Military College. 1

GMC’s Character Education Program.. 2

Community Service Projects and Patriotic Ceremonies. 3

Conclusion. 4

Works Cited. 5


Georgia Military College (GMC) is famous for its unrelenting efforts to incorporate aspects of character development in its curriculum. Over the years, GMC has infused aspects of character development into all its accredited academic programs with a view to ensure that its students develop into well-rounded professionals. This demonstrates that character development is highly regarded at the college. The aim of this paper is to examine the different ways in which Georgia Military College strives to promote character development among its students.

Overview of Character Development Efforts at Georgia Military College

To promote character development, Georgia Military College has over the years initiated numerous programs, some of which are embedded in its curriculum. These programs constitute a deliberate effort to establish an environment that is ideal for the holistic development of character among students. The importance of these programs is evident in the fact that they are supported by the mission of this military institution.


The objective of the college is to ensure that students are transformed into competent citizens who can use their skills to deal with a diverse range of ethical dilemmas. The college also endeavors to promote a sense of higher purpose in life among students. In this regard, students are encouraged to look beyond self-interest by exercising their moral responsibilities to society. For such an idea to be inculcated into students’ minds, college administrators are expected to liaise with staff and faculty in the task of promoting character development as a life-long process characterized by virtue-oriented behavior.  The role of faculty members in character development is particularly important because they are in a position to enlighten students regarding the link between different classroom concepts and real-life events. Such knowledge can enable students to appreciate the importance of behaving in an ethical manner.

Georgia Military College derives its inspiration for character development from the belief that every student has an opportunity to exploit his potential fully through exposure to character development. Towards this end, the college strives to establish a reputation as an institution with a pervasive commitment to three core values: Duty, Honor, and Country ( 1). For the same reason, the college continues to hire teachers and administrators who are fully committed to the mission of character development. Similarly, the institution has continued to promote a culture where students are transformed into critical thinkers and ethical behavior is celebrated.

GMC’s Character Education Program

            The character education program of Georgia Military College seeks to prepare students for challenges of life as citizens and moral agents of their respective communities. This program is founded on the idea that aspects of both intellectual and character development should go hand in hand in efforts to promote moral behavior. To achieve intellectual development, the college relies on a diverse array of accredited academic programs. Students who complete these programs earn a diploma or an associate’s degree. To achieve character development, students are exposed to a character development program, which is accorded the same level of importance as the accredited academic programs.

            At GMC, Character development also occurs across the curriculum. The curriculum-wide perspective was adopted as part of the institution’s efforts to embrace a trend in which ethical aspects are being infused into all academic programs in order to promote awareness of the ethical discourse among students. Consequently, the college has put in place measures aimed at ensuring that the existing curriculum supports both intellectual and character development among students. Through the character education program, students get an opportunity to discuss a wide range of ethical dilemmas they are likely to encounter in their lives. They also become acquainted with ways of dealing with these dilemmas in a responsible manner. This curriculum-wide approach has created an environment in which civility is promoted. Such a holistic approach to education enables students to appreciate the importance of improving their lives and their communities.

Community Service Projects and Patriotic Ceremonies

As a military institution, Georgia Military College has a responsibility to ensure that all its alumni are patriotic citizens. For this reason, the college has been participating in community service projects since 1996. These projects attract strong support from local communities because of the value they infuse into their lives. At the same time, they act as crucial sources of insights into how students can make a difference in their communities (Georgia Military College Columbus Campus 2). Additionally, such service is recognized in students’ academic transcripts in the form of credit.

The college has also established a reputation for its participation in different patriotic ceremonies such as command retreats and military parades. During command retreats, which are held during selected national holidays, students are encouraged to reflect on the different historical milestones that each holiday symbolizes. Military parades also provide a platform through which students are encouraged to be patriotic in addition to being recognized for their outstanding performance in military studies.


In conclusion, character development is an important area of focus for institutions that train students for military service such as the Georgia Military College. This college seemed to have excelled in not only promoting character development but also integrating it into its educational programs. This approach to character development is based on the idea that both intellect and ethical behavior play a critical role in the development of an all-rounded alumnus of the Georgia Military College. The college strives to achieve the goal of character development in two ways. The first one is through the character education program and the second one is through community service projects and patriotic ceremonies.

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