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In academic writing, thorough research is carried out to get the most relevant information that will add value to a research paper, project, or presentation. These materials are derived from different sources that are considered worth the particular discussion.  The information needs to be synthesized, analyzed, and well incorporated into your assignment in a way that there will be cohesion and smooth flow throughout the paper.


Imagine writing a paper where your ideas don’t blend with the information from the source, it will appear like you have different papers in one big paper. The result will be losing the attention of your reader and marks as well. services designed to suit your needs. We ever want you to submit a paper that is full of confusion.  We have the best writers of your custom case study in the industry.  All our papers are excellently written paying close attention to; logical flow, unity, structure, quality, unique and original content.

This article will help you relate your assignment, your ideas, and the information you get from your sources. No matter how credible a source is, if it is not well integrated then the paper will be ineffective. Good integration of a source into your agreement allows your reader to clearly understand where you got your ideas from and also how the source contributes to your thinking.

For every source you consider appropriate for your custom case study, you must illustrate its purpose with clarity. Your reader shouldn’t be left wondering or trying to figure out why you decided to use a particular source.  In other words, integrating a source means knowing where and how to use it.

 Below are simple but crucial considerations for proper integration from;

Sources and your assignments

Before you start researching for your assignment, study the assignments carefully to understand the question as it is.  In addition, get to know the number of sources you should consult, which sources are considered relevant, and their role in your assignment.  For example, some assignments may require you to relate to a specific text or one source while some may require to consult several sources like in the case where you are expected to take a position on a particular topic/subject.

Role of sources in your assignment

As you begin to draft your essay, understand the role of each source in your paper. What role did the source play during the research period? How did it influence your thinking given the topic? Did it challenge your argument? Whatever it does to you, make it clear to your reader


Sources help you in different ways; they provide you with background information for your question, as evidence to support your claim, as a counterargument to your claim, etc.  If you have a challenge understanding what you should do with a source you have found suitable for your assignment, get help from We do not only offer guidance and editing services, but we also write an error-free custom case study for sale.

Selecting useful segments of a source

For each source, choose the text/phrase/paragraph that adds value to your paper diligently. Keep in mind that when tasked to write an academic paper, your argument is what matters most and the source is only meant to support your thoughts. Keep in mind that the paper is meant to test your understanding or view regarding a particular subject. In other words, your paper shouldn’t be a total or summary of a particular source, instead, it should shape your thinking, support your arguments, and help you achieve the objective of your paper. This what your professor and reader are interested in. Get help on how to choose the most relevant part of your sources from and a quality, unique, and original custom case study at a pocket-friendly price.

Summarizing, paraphrasing and quoting sources

Some discipline requires that you give a summary of the source, paraphrase a source, or give a quotation from the source. This is true because while humanities allow you to do all the above, social and natural sciences primarily rely on paraphrase and summary.


When and how should you summarize?

 Summaries are done when you want to use a source as a reference to your arguments. It helps your reader understand the author’s key arguments before you present your response or arguments on the subject. Your summary should consider what the reader must know about the source to better understand your claims. Also, remember to correctly cite the source of your summary in your paper. There are different citation styles in academic writing and you can learn more about each only from

When and how should you paraphrase?

Paraphrasing means restating the arguments as they are in the source in your own words. Whichever the role a source plays in your paper, for example, providing evidence, background information, or a counter-argument, its advisable to paraphrase rather than giving a quotation. More importantly, be clear, accurate, consistent in your words and the source cited properly.

When and how much should you quote?

 It is agreed in all disciplines that direct quotes should be avoided and if must, they should be sparing.  A quote should be used if there is a need to make your reader understand the author’s actual language, if you paraphrase the meaning of the text will be lost if appealing to an author’s authority and only direct quote will stress that authority. When writing that paper and you don’t know if to quote, paraphrase or quote is here to save the situation.


For your argument to be effective, you must make it clear to your idea the difference between your thoughts and those of the source. Upon deciding to summarize, paraphrase, or quote, always make sure that the information from your sources is well blended in your paper. If you are unable to relate the ideas with your own when writing any paper, for example, a case study, is the home of professional writers. We write all papers including a custom case study to suit your need. You only need to click the ORDER NOW button and be ready to receive a perfectly written custom case study.

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