ENV110 Exploring Environmental Issues

1. Which of the following is/are a part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM): crop rotation, population monitoring, no chemical use, habitat alteration, and/or biocontrol. In your answer please explain the concept of IPM and how each of your chosen answer(s) can be used towards the goals of IPM.

2. List and fully describe three advantages of genetically modified crops (or organisms) and three disadvantages to this technology. Do not just provide a list- explain the implications of each advantage or disadvantage to make it clear to me that you understand the course material.

3. What is deforestation? Describe the ecological differences between the three types of forest harvest methods that your textbook covers.

4. If a company is testing a new drug and determines that it is has a low LD50, what does this mean in terms of lethal toxicity of the drug? In your answer, please explain the concept of LD50.

5. What is the difference between point source and non-point source pollution? Define each of the following as point source or non-point source and explain why they fall into that category: agricultural runoff, soil spill, sediment pollution from clearcutting, and nutrient pollution from cracked sewer line.

6. Explain what the graph below is indicating about the future of global fisheries catch. What practices are taking place in our oceans that are causing this? [Your answer to the second part of this question can be broad or specific, as long as it demonstrates your knowledge of the course material.]

7. Choose three of the criteria air pollutants and describe their source and why they are considered a pollutant (i.e. what negative effect(s) does the pollutant have on the environment or human health). Define primary and secondary pollutant. Are the pollutants you chose primary or secondary pollutants (or both)?

8. Ozone is a pollutant in the troposphere, but in the stratosphere it is vital for life. Explain why this is true.

9. Describe the phenomenon documented in the figure below. How does carbon dioxide concentration relate to global climate change?

10.Fully describe two potential impacts of climate change and their ecological implications.

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