Explain the origins of the political ideology with which you are aligned

For this project, you will want to explain the origins of the political ideology with which you are aligned. You will then consider how this ideology impacts you, and discuss its prospects for future political success. When you consider the origins of the ideology you chose, you will want to explain when, how, and why you identify with this particular ideology.


You will want to consider the following questions when writing your essay:


·         Were you surprised by the political ideology to which you belong? Why or why not?


·         What are the origins of that political ideology?


·         What are your ideology’s prospects for future political success? Do you anticipate that the percentage of adults/ registered voters aligned with the same political ideology as you are likely to increase or decrease in the near future?


·         How might this ideological group impact political parties and elections?


Then, you will craft an essay that includes each of the following:


·         A properly formatted (APA-style) title and reference page;


·         Parenthetical citations (APA-style), when appropriate;


·         At least two double-spaced pages in the body of the paper (Times New Roman font/12 point size);


·         At least three academic sources.

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