Final Reflection

Final Reflection

As you know, your role as a director of an early childhood program comes with complex responsibilities and incredible opportunities. Review the “Program Administrator Definition and Competencies” in your text (Freeman, Decker, & Decker, pp. i–iv).

With this definition and these competencies in mind:

Write your own definition of an early childhood program administrator/director and at least five “functions” of an administrator.
Reflect on your professional growth throughout this course and your program of study.
Identify three areas related to the competencies in which you have grown over the course of this program that you believe are your current strengths. Explain how you have grown in these areas, and provide examples for each.
Identify three areas as targets for improvement and/or special interest and create a plan for continued growth in these areas.

(Assignment Length: Approximately 3–4 pages)
BOOK: Freeman, N. K., Decker, C. A., & Decker, J. R. (2013). Planning and administering early childhood programs (10th ed.). Boston, MA: Prentice Hall.

Chapter 8, “Marketing Your Child Care and Education Program” (pp. 207–221)
“NAEYC Program Administrator Definition and Competencies” (pp. i–iv)

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