Gender of God

Week 6 addresses gender inequality in the church, which often differs from contemporary society on this issue. You will explore how gender inequality in the Church and the family ensued from a traditional gendered image of God.On the basis of assigned readings for this week, we will explore the wholeness of both genders for the fullness o the church. You will be encouraged to think about how the Church has historically accepted and promulgated the view that man is the leader over women, in part by its emphasizing a gendered image of God as male and the Church as female ( i.e.,the analogy of bride and bridegroom). While the Church is by no means the cause of gender inequality, it ha historically done little to mitigate the effects of such inequality. Through this week’s readings, we will not only assess the implications of identifying God as a male ( rather thanhuman ) and how those implications have impacted the family, church, and professions, but we will also attempt to see more holistic images of God. While these are not as prevalent in scripture ( in part due to the patriarchal world in its writers lived), they are there,This lesson will emphasize images of God that are often considered “stereotypical” female traits. These are to be used both as a complement to our more familiar male images and as a corrective that helps remind us that God is outside of gender in order to assist you in your own journey toward wholesome self-concepts and interpersonal relationships in family, church, and professions. In a minimum of 275 words, answer these questions:

1.What does the body of Christ miss when women are silenced from the pulpit?
2.How does the male gender suffer from silence of women’s voice in Christianity?
3.What implications and consequences of the gendered version of Christianity have you experienced? Being a female pastor is hard by itself.
4.Which masculine and/or feminine images in Christian doctrine and scripture attract and repel you?

You can look at this for one of your source: Carolyn Custis James, Half The Church:Recapturing God’s Global Vision for Women. (Grand Rapids:Zondervan,2011)50

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