Using Collins’ work as a model and framework for advanced organizational analysis (and other
references as needed), analyze a system, organization, organization systems and/or subsystems.
Consider each of the concepts proposed by Collins’ breaking down the organizations’ strategic plan,
financial management, organizational structure, leadership, organizational culture, performance
outcomes, etc. Collins’ work is a good foundational text, along with Fifth Discipline (Senge, 1990)
and other related writers and models.
When analyzing an organizational system, along with Collins’ work, consider chaos theory and
complexity science (Wheatley, Porter-O-Grady), learning organizations (Senge), change and
innovation (Gladwell, Rogers, Quinn). If you have not found these references in the required or
recommended course readings, google the names of these authors and learn more about their
contributions to understanding organizational behavior and leading complex systems. Such
references may be useful in arriving at a greater level of understanding of organizations necessary to
truly transform our current health care systems. As part of this analysis, consider interviewing
members of the staff, board members, organizational historians, key administrative personnel (CFO,
CEO, CNE, etc.). If you are not familiar with the organization/system, it will be essential that you
talk to members of the organization who can help you develop a rich understanding of the leadership,
culture, and decision-making patterns. Consider what is written about the organization and its system
in the local paper, regional documents, trade journals, etc. These qualitative methods, along with
review of clinical, financial and other evaluation measures (quantitative measures), will provide a
more holistic perspective of an organizational systems’ performance.
The paper should be carefully written in a formal style, based on primary sources, provide an
integration of ideas, and be 4-6 pages in length, excluding title page & reference list. Organized
flow, logical progression of ideas, and clarity in thought are essential. Please use headings to
separate content.

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