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you will be required to develop a 250-word count case study scenario related to the below topic:
Patient Consent


Patient Consent

Patient consent requires that patient understands and agrees to the potential outcomes of receiving the prescribed treatment. It involves the medical practitioner being honest with the patient. The patient should be informed about all the available methods of treatment and all their consequences. If there is a possibility of a better alternative, it should not be left out.


Patient consent is a required ethical practice in healthcare delivery patient should be given a chance to make their own decisions based on their understanding of the benefits and risks involved during the diagnosis and treatment stage (Alfrey et al., 2016).  In most cases, a patient will make an informed consent decision based on the moral stands and beliefs that he or she has. Hence, it is difficult to decide for the patient.Religious beliefs, taboos, cultural practices and moral stands are some of the factors that influence patient consent (Hammer 2016). In many real-life situations, patients make some tough decisions that leave the healthcare providers in a situation whereby they are not able to assist in any way.

 For example, in one case study, a woman gets admitted to hospital and is diagnosed with a bacterial infection that could be the cause of her death if not treated as soon as possible. However, when presented with the treatment options, she refuses and says that God will heal her. This woman has a young child who needs parental care, although her sister has offered to take care of the child should anything happen to the mother.In such a scenario, the healthcare providers need to step in and advise the patient that medical treatment will have a higher chance of saving her life rather than seeking spiritual help. Nevertheless, they should keep in mind that at the end of the day the patient’s wishes should be respected.


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