History essay

In a minimum of 2 pages, characterize the pre-war to post-war experience on the home-front. Write from the perspective of a real-life person that would have experienced this era, such as a home town, family member, local landmark, religious institution, or civic leader. Your essay must discuss the relationship of this person’s experience to the time period/event, and must include:

ï‚· reaction to British v. German naval battles;

ï‚· what changed because of the movement from isolationism;

ï‚· the experience of the local populations and varied demographics, including African Americans, women, and lower classes;

 assess the relevance of your subject’s concerns about the war’s impact on the international community;

 the war’s economic impact; and

ï‚· compare/contrast pre/post war experience.

To complete this assignment, a minimum of two (2) reputable sources must be used, cited, and referenced, only one of which can be an assigned or provided text or source.

*Due Tue 10am*

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