HR managment

Interviews 75-150 words

For decades, interviews have been an integral part of the selection process.

In this discussion forum, examine and discuss the following questions:

What are the major problems of the interview as a selection device?
What can HRM do to maximize fairness during the interview process?
Discuss not only HRM strategies for “during the interview” but also strategies which can be implemented prior and following the interview.

Job Search

A well-developed resume remains an essential element of successfully obtaining a job.

This is a multi-part assignment.

Part 1: Conduct resarch and write a 1 page paper. Instructions include:

Online Job Search – Conduct an online job search and identify a position you might be interested in applying for.
In your paper, discuss your online search and how you went about finding the position.
Also, describe the job and how your background matches the requirements of the position. (Minimum length of 1 page).
[Notes: If you’re in the military and have no plans of discharging in the near future, focus on a civilian job that you would like to transition into following your military career. If your circumstances do not allow you to work, consider volunteer activities within your community that you would like to be a part of.]

Part 2: Develop and write a 1-2 page resume.

Write a 1-2 page resume, designed to compete for the position you researched and chose in Part 1 of this assignment.
Your finished product (research and resume) should be a total of 2-3 pages in length.
Include a title sheet. See rubric below.

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