Information technology and political development

Like the last one, this assignment ought to be pretty obvious at this point. What sort of experiences, if any, might you have had in

using information technologies to interact with current political developments — not necessarily the Egyptian revolution specifically,

but also including domestic politics? I am not particularly interested in the content of your opinions regarding either foreign or

domestic politics, and you certainly won’t be judged on the “correctness” of your ideas and/or involvement. But I am intensely

interested in the degree to which active and aware adults are facilitating new kinds of politics through the use of continually evolving

information and communications technologies. Please note — it’s perfectly all right to say that you haven’t any such involvement,

and no intention of developing any. In that event, you might wish to discuss why you’re opting out of this new mode of political

discourse, and/or the experiences along these lines of friends or family members. Whether or not you choose to become an active

participant, you can’t remain unaware of this “revolution” going on around you.

So — think about these issues. Then write a short paper discussing your own experiences or those of folks you know in this

environment, and how you/they have coped with the potentially conflicting ethical dimensions of these and related issues.

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