Masters Nursing Essay


Writing Assignment

Topic: Integrative Reflective Summary

In this reflective summary, go back in time to when you entered the course as an RN. 

  1. In what ways have you broadened your thinking related to yourself as a nursing scholar/theorist/practitioner? 
    1. I think that all nurses should demonstrate leadership and skills to practice safe and quality nursing. It doesn’t matter what roles you play and develop through your nursing career as long as caring, knowledge and education components of the nursing profession take root inside yourself in order to delivery excellent care to patients
  2. What are new pearls of wisdom or insights that you have learned from your course materials and interactions with colleagues?
  3. The role of knowledge development in the evolution of nursing
  4. The use of theory in evidence-based practice and research
  5. Apply an appropriate middle range theory to patient/client/health care delivery situations in advanced practice, research, education, or administration.
  6. Has your view of nursing changed in any way?  
  7. Nursing is a complex profession and it encompasses many human aspects; therefore, changes and constant studies are key factors to develop the nursing career 
  8. Nursing not only focus ondirect patient care but also involves families, communities, medical problems, education, etc. ….
  9. Nursing implies multiple roles and nurses are skilled enough to put them in practice…
  10. What Blackboard Questions were most meaningful? The questions that were most meaningful to me are:
  11. Philosophy of nursing
  12. Development of nursing as a science
  13. Health promotion and behavioral change
  14. Most importantly are you beginning to experience a shift in your way of thinking or way of being from an RN to an Advanced Practice Nurse?
    1. Yes, I do. While RNs provide many services as ARNPs, nurse practioners have more freedom to make decisions, recommend treatments and work with RNs to improve patients care at the work place. ARNPs help stablishing a concrete communication between medical perspectives and nursing perceptions.
  15. Write One-page paper (APA style)
  16. No references needed ( just give your opinion about the questions – I already brainstormed my ideas, just need to organize them )


Integrative Reflective Summary

Nursing is one of the most popular careers globally. It involves caring for the sick in hospitals, families, and communities. Nursing is a career choice that requires self-sacrifice and a lot of commitment. This is a reflection of what I have learned throughout this course. In my opinion, all nurses are supposed to be exceptional leaders who at all times lead by example. They have the skills needed to practice safe and quality nursing in all areas.  Throughout the nursing career, all nurses should treat patients with care and apply the knowledge gained from the nursing course as a way of improving healthcare delivery.


I have gained a lot of knowledge throughout this course which is an addition to my wisdom and understanding. Development of knowledge in nursing has made significant contributions towards the improvement of nursing in healthcare delivery. Use of evidence-based practices and research has minimized the incidences of errors in nursing. Nurses should apply the middle range theory in healthcare delivery to get the best results.

My view has changed since I joined this course. For instance, I now view nursing as a complex profession that comprises of several human aspects, and there constant variations in this field are major factors that contribute to development in nursing. It focuses on the direct patients in hospitals, the families and communities, medical problems and education for all. Nursing is a career that requires the nurses to be well equipped with skills to help them perform the multiple roles in nursing.

The most meaningful questions to me are the philosophy of nursing, development of nursing as a science and health promotion and behavioral change. Transitioning from being a registered nurse to an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) has changed my way of thinking and how I reason and make decisions. A registered nurse will give as many services as an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), but the ARPN has more liberty when it comes to decision making. APRN nurses are in an advantageous position to view issues from a medical perspective and a nursing perception.

To sum up, nursing has impacted my way of thing and my perceptions towards healthcare in a positive way. Having taken the course is an inspiration to care for all the patients who are in need of healthcare services.

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