MHR 6551 Training and Development Unit 5 Power Point Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation
Create a PowerPoint Presentation for senior executives that will outline how you will measure, evaluate, and justify the implementation of your HRD program (from Unit II). Your presentation should include the following:
Part I
· Provide an overview of the various models and methods for evaluating the HRD program.
· Summarize data collection methods used for qualitative analysis.
· Summarize data collection methods used for quantitative analysis.
· Introduce and summarize return on investment (ROI).
· Introduce and summarize return on expectations (ROE).

Part II
· Introduce the model you will use for your specific HRD evaluation.
· Explain the rationale for your selection.
· Outline the process that will be followed to implement the selected HRD evaluation model.
· Assess and evaluate the performance criteria that will be used in your HRD evaluation.
· Identify and address concerns with the evaluation process.

Your presentation should include 12-15 slides, including the title and reference slide, with speaker notes of no more than 100 words. Use your textbook to complete this assignment as well as supplementary sources from your research. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.

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