Myths, Illusions & Peace, An Analysis

Myths, Illusions, & Peace: Finding a New Direction for American in the Middle East by Dennis Ross & David Makovsky, New York: Penguin Press, 2010.

Your paper should be 5 to 8 pages long (approximately 2000 words) and should focus on the following points:

According to the authors, what are the basic myths and illusions underlining traditional American foreign policy in the Middle East? How did these myths and illusions develop and how have they affected American foreign policy in the region since 1945?

Analyze the positions of the Neo Conservatives and the Realists concerning US foreign policy in the Middle East. Discuss the main ideas and goals of each, providing specific examples throughout. Which position so you think is more tenable and why?

Do you see a tension between realism and idealism in formulating American foreign policy in the Middle East? Explain your position clearly, thoughtfully, and fully?

In the past the United States has supported some horrific regimes. Why? Provide and discuss just one example fully, noting the impact of this support for US foreign policy in the region.
According to the authors, can these Middle Eastern nations with a severe deficit in democracy actually become democratic? For instance, are these any aspects of Islam and The Koran that are consistent with and fostering of democracy?
Finally, discuss the issue of what happens when a regime is democratically elected but is anti-United States.
Discuss the methodology the authors used to formulate their ideas and offer their conclusions. What types of sources did they use? How valid? Omissions? Etc.

Select one of the following issues in the Middle East today and focus on it.

For example, you may choose:

The great pro democratic revolutions of the Spring of 2011 in either Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, or Bahrain

Relate the event you choose to the main ideas of the Ross & Makovsky thesis. Does this situation tie into their main ideas about the Middle East and US policy there?

Be sure to submit your project in one MS Word document in APA or Turabian/Chicago format.

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