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Writing assignment to discuss such things as your mission and goals in nursing. You can include why you decided on a career in nursing and what you would like to accomplish as a nurse. Be sure to keep the assignment to 500 word or less; double space and include a title page. No references are needed for this assignment.

Title: Mission and Goals in Nursing

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My dream of becoming a nursing consultant began when was in elementary school. I was inspired by a professional nurse who was in her early 30s and was already successful in her career. The woman had switched to nursing after pursuing business studies at the undergraduate level. Her entrepreneurial skills enabled her to make the best use of specialized nursing skills in order to reach out to new professional and financial goals. I vowed to be like her. The only difference is that I am pursuing nursing as my undergraduate degree.

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For me, nursing is the greatest profession. Nursing offers people many opportunities to people who are focused in life. In terms of focus, I have realized that I must have a career plan in order to cope with the demand and stress that comes with being a nurse. Without a career plan, I know that it is easy to become frustrated and even burnt out.

I would like to acquire as many certifications as possible, particularly in the area of pediatrics. I know that this will enable me to break from the boredom of usual shifts, a capped salary, and a stagnating career. When I reach the climax of my career, I would like to start writing a book on my experiences as a nurse so that I can inspire other people to become nurses. I hope that writing such a book will enable me to break from the boredom of long sessions spent at work, routine specialized tasks and monotony of life’s daily events.

Above all the things that I will do as a nurse, I consider the satisfaction of patients as the greatest indicator of my achievement. I would like to avoid the trap of following procedures and policies to the letter without engaging emotionally with the patient. During the prime of my career, I would want to excel while working in a pediatric intensive care unit for several years.

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