Paper Topic: Washington, DC football team using the name “Redskins.” (15-18 Pages)

  • The paper must be written according to APA style.
  • Use at least 6 different sources, including books and textbooks, though at the graduate level preference should be given to published journal articles. Other sources may be organizational websites, government websites, or other reputable Internet sources.
  • Academic integrity is of the utmost importance in this term paper; so cite all sources and use APA style for citations and quotations in the text.
  • Use the federal Patent and Trademark website ( for the law.
  • For the third ethical theory I would suggest Ethical Egoism. That is, what is in the long-term, best self-interest of the ownership of the team – fight, compromise, or give in and change the name? It should be interesting to see too what theteam is doing to be a socially responsible and sustainable organization.
  • Please review the paper requirements carefully,
  1. Introduction (5% of paper grade)


  1. Purposes of Paper
  • Analytical paper – “3 value” analysis of law, ethics, and social responsibility
  • Current, controversial, and narrowly focused topic involving business directly or indirectly
  • Significance of topic
  1. Background Information regarding topic


  1. Legal Section (20% of paper grade)


  1. Introduction to Legal Section
  2. Statement of Relevant Legal Principles and Rules of Law
  3. Application of Law to Topic and Legal Analysis
  4. Legal Conclusion (and transition to Ethics Section)


  • Ethics Section (40% of paper grade as set forth below)


  1. Utilitarian Ethical Analysis (20% of paper grade)
  • Introduction (brief) to ethics as a branch of philosophy
  • Introduction and brief explanation of Utilitarian theory
  • See Cavico and Mujtaba Business Ethics text Chapter 7 for discussion of Utilitarianism
  • Stakeholder, pleasure v. pain, numerical model of Utilitarianism – Utilitarian analysis as per required model (See required Utilitarian model below)
  • Moral conclusion pursuant to Utilitarian model


  1. Kantian Ethical Analysis (10% of paper grade)
  • Introduction and brief explanation of Kantian ethics
  • See Cavico and Mujtaba Business Ethics text Chapter 8 for discussion of Kantian ethics
  • Statement of Kant’s Ethics Principle – The Categorical Imperative
  • Application of the Three Tests of the Categorical Imperative to topic (Universal “Law” Test; Kingdom of Ends Test; Agent-Receiver Test)
  • Kantian Moral Conclusion


  1. Additional Ethical Analysis (10% of paper grade)
  • Selection by student(s) of additional third ethical theory for analysis
  • See Cavico and Mujtaba Business Ethics text Part I for suggested ethical theories
  • Statement of ethical theory and key ethical principles
  • Application of ethical theory and principles to topic and ethical analysis
  • Moral Conclusion pursuant to additional third ethical theory
  • Overall Conclusion to Ethics section as a whole (and transition to Social Responsibility section)


  1. Social Responsibility Section (20% of paper grade)


  1. Introduction to Social Responsibility section
  2. Definition of term “Social Responsibility” and formulation of definitional-principle
  3. Application of Social Responsibility definitional-principle to topic
  4. Social Responsibility recommendations
  5. Social Responsibility Conclusion


  1. Conclusion (5% of paper grade)


  1. Restatement of Major “3 Value” Conclusions
  2. Overall Conclusions, Personal Opinions, Recommendations, and Predictions


References (5% of paper grade)

  • Research sources (six minimum; current; primary sources or “strong” secondary)
  • APA style for sources and citations


Style (5% of paper grade)

  • Consistency of style among sections
  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Lucidity and “flow” of writing
  • Integration of paper



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