Partisan Politics

After The Essay:

After you have written your essay on either Republicanism or Federalism, you will participate in a follow up discussion. (Meets Course Learning Objectives: 7, 9, and 12).

Focus Questions:

Use the following questions to guide your thinking and to prepare for the class discussion.

  • Why did the Republicans believe in strict Constitutional interpretation?
  • What danger did the Republicans see in giving seemingly unlimited powers to the national government?
  • How did the Federalists think the Constitution should be interpreted?
  • What reasons did the Federalists give in their writings to support the idea of a strong national government?
  • How do the Federalists and the Republicans of the 1790s compare to the Republicans and Democrats of the twenty-first century?


After making your initial post, you should respond to at least two of your classmates. Please remember to proofread your posts before you submit them as well as to list any relevant sources you used as evidence for this portion of the assignment.If someone challenges your interpretation of the evidence, be sure to respond specifically to that challenge in the course of the discussion. Failure to do so will affect your participation score for this portion of the assignment.

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