Personal Flying Car

You have been approached by the makers of the Personal Flying Car. The Personal Flying Car is an innovative product that allows private individuals to transport themselves via this new technology. This product has not yet been developed. The executive team is awaiting your expertise and direction before developing the prototype.

You have been tasked with the following:

Provide a detailed profile of the potential target market including demographics, psychographics, geographics & behavioralistic segments.
Develop a PEST analysis.
Develop a SWOT analysis.
Identify the direct & indirect competitors of the Personal Flying Car and provide background on each (price points, features, strengths, weaknesses, etc.).
Forecast at least 3 potential problem areas/activities that could hinder market penetration.
The makers of the Personal Flying Car are quite demanding and are requiring that your company submit a detailed written report by their deadline in order to be considered for this marketing project.

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