Personal Statement


What are your specific post-graduate short-term and long-term goals? How will an MS degree from the Harvard Business School assist you in achieving your goals? Finally, please discuss your personal and professional motivations for pursuing an MS degree. Please limit your response to 2 pages, double-spaced, 12 point font.


I am an ambitious intellectual who wants to join the Master of Accounting program at Harvard University. Having already completed my Bachelor of Science in Accounting, I feel that time has come for me to move on to the next challenge. This is in efforts to establish me firmly in a career in accounting. My immediate career objective is to get into a challenging entry-level internship position where I can make use of my education and experience in accounting. My ultimate long-term goal is to succeed in the accounting career by being of service to people in society.


My desire to pursue an accounting career started a long time ago. As far back as August 2010, I was engaging in accounting-related activities. My objective at that time was to have a feel of what it would be like to work in the accounting profession. I liked the experience. This was during the “Harvest of Moon” activity. The experience of handling the cash register made me to like the accounting profession to the extent where I became convinced that the only thing I could always do best was to account for the finances of business organizations.

However, I have come to acknowledge the need for quality college and university education if I am to succeed in my accounting career. This has provided me with a lot of motivation to succeed in all these academic levels. I believe that Harvard Business School is the institution that will give me this quality education, exposure, and experience.

In the course of my pursuit of an accounting career, I have also realized that it is important to have basic computer and second-language skills. I appreciate the fact that we live in an increasingly globalized and multicultural society. This has influenced the practice of accounting to the extent where one needs to be proficient in Microsoft Office tools such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Access. I have already acquired certification in these three tools, which I hope will be of great use in aiding in my continued excellence in the Master of Accounting program at the university. I also take pride in having acquired certification in HTML, Visual Basic, and Adobe Photoshop, which I learned as part of my efforts to establish a long-term foothold in the world of intellectualism and professionalism.

I found these computer skills to be of great importance during the three jobs that I did between 2011 and 2012. Moreover, it is not so much about the skills but also the exposure that comes with being able to use information and communication technology skills in one’s career. With these skills, I feel well equipped to fit into the Harvard Business School community.  


I believe that the Master of Science degree from Harvard Business School will enable me embark on my accounting career on a higher note by getting an internship opportunity at an internationally-recognized business organization. Moreover, while studying at this university, I will be able to interact with accounting intellectuals and professionals. I hope to find an excellent career mentor in one of these experienced and knowledgeable individuals. With a great mentor by my side and a Master of Science degree from Harvard Business School, I will be ready to enter the labor market and serve society as a professional accountant.

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