Select exactly ten quotations from (The moral life 5th edition) give the author and page number for each quotation. you are expected to discuss at least four philosophers in some depth.demostrate your familiarity with texts, and include your own insights and comments as you go.and choose at least three topics from the list below and weave them into a single easy. explain the connections among authors and materials.

1. what is the place of reason in Ethics?(Aristotle,Kant,Epictetus,Maclver,Charles Fried,Midgley,Elshtain,Rand)
2. what do pleasures and pains have to do with the moral life?(Bentham, Mill, Aristotle,Plato,Epicurus,Hobbes) does the pursuit of happiness figure in Ethics?(Kant,Epicurus,Aristotle,Camus,Voltaire,Ayn Rand,Nietzsche)
4.what is the place of freedom and autonomy in Ethics?(Kant,Nietzsche,Milgram,Frankl,Pojman,Epictetus)
5. how does human nature figure in Ethics?(Aristotle,Sartre,Ayn Rand,Orwell,Hobbes,Camus)
6.what has morality to do with the maning of life?(Pojman,Frankl,Camus,Voltaire,Sartre,Epictetus,Epicurus,Hallie)
7.Consider obedience and passivity from a moral point of view.(Ginsberg,Stanley Milgram,George Orwell,Kant Sartre)
8.what has luck to do with the moral life(Nagel,Aristotle,Frankl,Hallie,Epictetus,Epicurus,Nietzsche,Orwell,Ayn Rand)
9.Do moral feelings inhabit the drive for prosperity?(Hallie,Macliver,Kant,Plato,Orwell)
10.Is the primacy of self-interest threatened by moral considerations?(Plato,Rand,Epictetus,Orwell,Maclver) is moral responsibility affected by our perceptions and our capacity to evaluate?(Elshtain,Mildgley,Aristotle,Kant,Orwell,Maclver)

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