Political Government 200 words APA format

200-250 words, summarize each of the three parties’ policy goals in your issue area.  Compare and contrast the parties’ goals in that area. Evaluate each party’s goals from two perspectives:

  • Your own political philosophy, values or ideology.
  • How effective each party’s goals are likely to be in mobilizing voters to support the party’s candidates on the national level. In making your assessment from this perspective, consider what influence the factors which underlie the two-party system have on each party’s ability to use its policy proposals to generate voter support.

Justify your conclusions with facts and persuasive reasoning.

Choose an issue and research how three political parties view that issue, and then discuss your own political philosophy. However, what issue do you choose? Most political parties will state the same thing on ‘safe issues.’ A safe issue is something that most people can agree on such as funding for schools, lower taxes, money for defense, and protection of the environment. Political parties will disagree on small issues that are not very known to the public, or that are known to the public. Issues that parties do not agree on are generally those that involve ideological issues such as abortion or same-sex marriage.

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