Protection and licensure discussion post homework for sociology

Assignment 1
For this Discussion, research the criteria for assuming the title of social worker in your state or country. Consider benefits offered by title protection and maintenance of licensure standards. Also think about the challenges that title protection and licensure standards may pose.
a description of strengths and challenges associated with title protection and licensure. Describe two strengths and two challenges
Assignment 2
Although students of social work have not yet satisfied the criteria to earn the title of “social worker,” they are bound by the same ethical requirements as titled social workers. Social workers regularly face ethical issues of varying magnitude, and social work students may as well. Some issues seem obvious, while others may emerge in subtle ways.
For this Discussion, select one of the following scenarios. Consider the dilemma described, and imagine how you might feel if you found yourself in a similar situation. Think about the ethical obligations you would have as a social worker or social work student.
Each assignment only need three or four paragraphs inorder to meet requirements by instructor

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