PY5310: Approaches to Psychotherapy

PY5310: Approaches to Psychotherapy

SUNY/College at Old Westbury

Dr. F. Michler Bishop 


Major Assignment 2

Due April 24, 2017


Directions: Use formal, APA style in this paper. Do not use semi-formal or informal styles.


What is the best evidenced-based treatment for one of the following?

    1. Depression
    2. Bi-polar
    3. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
    4. Panic attacks
    5. Social Phobia(s)
    6. PTSD
    7. OCD
    8. Alcohol abuse
    9. Marijuana abuse
    10. Quitting cigarettes
    11. Sex addiction
    12. Parenting problems
    13. Couples/marital problems
    14. Procrastination
  1. ADHD
  2. Psychosis




Part I: Literature Review. At this date, what is/are the best evidenced-based approach(es) for treating X (your topic choice)?  What is the evidence?  Include a discussion of at least three peer-reviewed articles.

(2-3 pp.)

Part II: Effective, Evidence-based Techniques.  Discuss a variety of evidence-based techniques that you might use with a client who has this disorder.  (2-3 pp.)

Part III: (Optional) Possibly Effective Techniques.  Researchers have not investigated all the techniques that psychotherapists use.  This is partly because the Federal government has not funded such research yet.  But you may include a discussion of one or more such techniques, if you like.  But this is optional.

(1-3 pp)

Part IV: Make up a therapist-client dialog to illustrate one technique (2-3 pp.)


Other Notes:

  1. Include subtitles: Part I, Literature Review; Part II: Effective, Evidence-based Techniques, etc.
  2. You may read online articles, including Wikipedia articles, but definitely do NOT cite Wikipedia.  In addition, be careful about the other online articles you cite.
  3. Be careful not to plagiarize.  Translate what you have read into your own words.
  4. Include correct, APA-style in-text citations and an APA-style Reference section.
  5. Include page numbers in your in-text citations only if you quote.
  6. Always introduce your quotations, but se direct quotations only sparingly, if at all. (You have probably noticed that writers do not often use quotations in professional articles and chapters.)
  7. Attach hard copies of the articles you use.
  8. Make sure that your citations and references and the articles that you give me all match up.  That is, you should not cite a study that you do not have listed in your reference section, and you should not list a study in your reference section that you have not cited.  In addition, you should not list a study in the reference section without giving me a copy of it (or, at a minimum, a copy of the abstract).


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