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The Best Approaches to Conducting your Academic Research

Research is a systematic inquiry or investigation into a subject in order to discover or revise facts, theories, applications. Research is carried out in different fields and for different reasons. However, our focus will be on academic research as our services are meant to benefit the college and university students.


Academic research is the process where a student is required to undertake a diligent search of a specific topic in their field of study. The student, will evaluate the different aspects of the topic they have selected and present the findings in a written form commonly known as the research paper, or give a presentation.

Here at, we have a great team of professionals who are trained and equipped with the skills to conduct academic research. They are specialists in the field of research and this is attributed to their many years of experience and passion. They are dedicated to offering research paper writing assistance to students at whatever level and wherever they might be. They will conduct the research on behalf of the student.

 Our research paper writing assistance explores in depth the types of academic research and what every student needs to know to carry out academic research in the best way possible. Important to note is that our services are excellently and professionally delivered with the interest of the students at heart.

Types of academic research

Primary academic research- It’s a methodology student use to collect data directly from the sources. This kind of research is meant to address a specific problem requiring in-depth analysis. In this research, the methods that the student will use include interviews, online surveys, focus groups and observations.

Secondary academic research-The student uses information from already published material such as books, articles, research reports etc. This is the most widely used research. It uses data collected from previously conducted research.  It can be gotten from government and non-government agencies. public libraries, educational institutions and from data available on the internet.

The student should understand the research they are conducting and the methods to use for it to be effective. To know the advantages and disadvantage of each, the student can sign up to our website and get more help from our research paper writing assistance team.

How should a student conduct their academic research?

Here are the basics to guide the student on how to conduct a strong research. To have a strong paper, the research purpose must be clearly stated, research methods well outlined and the results properly evaluated. This can be achieved through the following three steps: Defining of research question, finding research sources and sources evaluation.

Research question definition- Before the student embarks on the process of conducting the research, one must be familiar with the objectives of the research.  A clear understanding of the purpose of the research will help define the research question. The student should:

– Choose a broad research topic if one has not been provided for by their professor.

-With the broad topic the student should pick a more specific thing they would like to know. By this narrowing down the student will have a question. Some students may find difficulties at this point. As a student, don’t feel alone; instead, seek help from our research paper writing assistance and we will guide you on how to choose a question you can easily handle.

-With a research question, carry an online search or use the library to get an overview of the available information pertaining to your question before committing to it, also known as a test search. Depending on the information you get from your search, narrow or broaden your scope.

-The last step in this section is reevaluating your question- The student should look at their question again to see if it is within the scope of the project from the test search results.

Finding research sources

Starting with non-academic sources such as newspapers, documentary films, books and magazines can greatly help the student become more familiar with the topic they are researching on. These sources should lead the student to academic sources as well as to experts whose work will contribute to your research. These are just meant to help the student get a better feel of their topic. Not necessarily needed in your reference.

With the information obtained from non-academic sources, identify the locations of where to get the sources of the relevant information that will be useful in answering your research question. This can be school libraries, internet, governmental and non-governmental institutions 


Scholarly articles and published books are the most preferred sources of academic research. For some research topics there is need for a student to visit the library while some all the information can be found online.  For easier tracing of information, our research paper writing assistance will help you locate any book or article you may need and can’t find it on your own.

For each source, noting any information answering the research question is important to help the student write the paper. to the name of the author and the title of the book or the article should be included

With the information, the student must be able to identify areas they need to explore further and once done they will craft a thesis statement. The student should give a conclusion by making a claim of their position basing on the research findings.

Sources evaluation

The student should be able to identify the type of sources that the are using. This can be either primary or secondary. For most academic research, primary sources are the most preferred and secondary sources are mainly used where primary sources are not available. For more information on the two sources the student can log into our website

Review the credentials of the authors or producers of your sources, this helps the student determine how reliable the information is. For academic research, the authors will be professors, professionals or academic experts in the field. If the sources have also been cited by other professionals you can also rely on the same.

A student should endeavor to know when the sources of the research were published. This because in rapidly developing field they need to include the most up-to-date information.

Assessing the reputation of the publisher of your sources is critical. Typically, books and journals are published by a university press and academic publishers. Larger presses are reliable. Also, get to know what other experts in your study fields say about website information. Enquire about the reliability of your source from our research paper writing assistance if you are not sure. The reader of your research paper should be able to find your sources with ease.

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