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Steps for Writing an Engaging Book Review for Your Class

A book review is an opinion given on a certain book. It is basically personal basing on the reader’s understanding of the content in that particular book.  A book review may have some facts but the focus is in the student’s opinion and critically analyzing the author’s idea. Through our research paper writing assistance, our writers will not only guide you but also make you understand what a book review is all about.  Book review writing skills are an important asset for every student. A review of a book can be written for all disciplines and genres. However, it might be harder for some than the others, but the format remains the same.


In some instances, a student will be asked by their professor to write a book review. Here at, we will help you write your book review, but most importantly guide you on the key steps for writing an engaging book review for your class through our research paper writing assistance services.

The question that would be lingering in every student’s mind is: how do I start? It is very simple. Our research paper writing assistance gives the following steps on how to write a book review.

First, take time and read through the book you are reviewing several times. By doing this, you will have a concept and understand the storyline.  After reading it, you will be required to organize your ideas or what you want to say about the book. It is good to have a pen and paper to note down the basic elements as this will greatly help you organize your thoughts.

In the steps for writing an engaging book review for your class, it’s important to understand what is entailed in a book review or how to organize your thoughts. In this section, we will look at the different parts of a book review. Every book review should have four parts namely; the introduction, summary, body, and conclusion.

Introduction– The student is required to write about the facts and the background information of the book and some information about the author. The introduction should contain the title of the book and the author’s name. It is very important to mention the genre of the book in this section, whether it is an essay, biography or a comedy, and the copyright date.

Summary: In the summary, explain the most essential information like the subject matter of the book, the reason behind the writing of the book by its author and what the author was trying to accomplish. The summary also gives the context of the book. You can also mention the main points to be included in the body. At this point, refrain from giving your opinion. Should be short and precise.

Body- The body is the main part of the review. In most cases, the body is usually comprised of two paragraphs. The first paragraph is a brief but very comprehensive outline. The main characters (in the case of a novel or work of literature)are mentioned here, where and when the story took place as well as the overall theme of the book.

The second paragraph is where the writer expresses their feelings about the book. The opinions will focus on things like what made you like or dislike the book. Also, express what the entire story made you feel, the best part as well as the worst part of the story. The student is free to express their dissatisfaction about the book.


It may be required of the student to use at most three quotations from the book they are reviewing. In this section, they will also give their thoughts and opinions on the quotation. Each quotation should be in a separate paragraph.

Conclusion- This part of the book review consists of the student’s expression of their overall feeling and opinions. The student will indicate why they would encourage or discourage their fellow students to read the book. Finally, give your recommendations.

Rating the book- The student can decide to give a star rating for the book. This is optional but it makes the book review more effective. This can make more readers develop interest and read the book.

At, our writers are experts in writing an engaging book review for your class. Our research paper writing services also provide the student with some important tips on writing effective and high-quality book reviews. The tips are as listed below;

  • It’s important to note that before writing the actual book review, you should make some notes on the main points they want to bring about.
  • Get the theme of the book at the very beginning of your review. This ensures that the reader doesn’t struggle to understand what the book is about. It should be easy for readers to get to know what the book is about in the first instance.
  • It is very important to have the name of the author and the title of the book in the first paragraph. You can imagine what it would be like reading an entire book without knowing who the author is and what the title is.
  • Critically think about the genre in which the book belongs. Is it a comedy, biography or adventure?
  • Using the full names of the characters in the book when mentioning them for the very first time is also very important.
  • Ensure that your review clearly explains what your opinion about the book and state why you feel so. Through the review, the reviewer encourages or discourages readers from reading the book. Express your opinions, whether positive or negative, such that someone can clearly understand what the book is all about upon reading the review.
  • To strengthen your opinion, use adverbs and adjectives

With your review ready, its revision time, the revision will focus on the whole organization of information. Edit your book review.

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