semblances of due process to juvenile court cases

This case helped apply semblances of due process to juvenile court cases and serves to keep courts’ actions as governed by parens patriae in check. Read the Kent V United States 383 US 541 (1966) ( ates+383+US+541+(1966)+&hl=en&as_sdt=8006). You may also research the case. Brief the case using the 7-step outline in Briefing Court Cases ( ï‚· Summarize the facts of the case in a 200-word summary of the case that includes the issue the Supreme Court was asked to decide on. ï‚· After summarizing the case, provide a 200-word analysis of the decision and include your opinion. ï‚· Follow the criteria on the grading rubric to get full credit for your case brief assignment. Your analysis is the most important part of this assignment. The requirements for your paper are: ï‚· 200 word summary and 200 word analysis (400 words total). ï‚· Double spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. font, APA formatting. ï‚· Refer to the grading rubric on the next page. ï‚· Be sure to read the grading criteria by which your paper will be evaluated before you write the paper and again after you write your paper.

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