Should College Athletes Be Paid?

6-8 page research paper on outline posted below.  Must include 7-8 current sources cited APA style.  Must be received by 1:30 pm EST Sunday 8/16/2015, no later, no exceptions.

Grading rubric attached as PDF.

Should College Athletes Be Paid?

I.                   Historical arguments for and against athlete compensation

II.                NCAA makes over $6 billion annually from college sports

III.             Two sides of argument

A.                 Opportunity for education and exposure to earn a professional contract is enough compensation.

1.                   Multi-year scholarships

2.                   Cost to pay athletes too high

B.                 Millions earned by schools and the risk of injury by the student-athlete warrants financial compensation

1.                   Lawsuits for use of likeness in video games and other marketing

2.                   Year to year scholarships

IV.            Conclusion/My opinion on topic

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