Small Group/Team Communication: Group Analysis Paper

This paper is designed to assess small group communication problems and then to provide solutions for overcoming the communication related problems of a small group client.

Find a small group of your choice, but one in which you are not an active member. After evaluating the client group (observation of two group meeting, discussion with individual members, website analysis, etc.) as a consultant you will create a proposal that describes the client, summarizes its communication problems, and provides solutions to said problems. The objective of this assignment is two fold: 1) to develop your ability to demonstrate completely and clearly an understanding of a group communication issue, and 2) to apply the material you have learned in this course to a real group problem. Your report should be crafted to provide the client group with information to enhance their group communication. Your report should be broken into the following three sections:

Description of the small group.In this section you will describe the group and its employees. Provide information about the group important for understanding the group problem. Some things you might discuss in this section are group structure, goals, expectations, culture, dynamics, etc. You should also take time to discuss the members of the small group, especially those who are the cause of the problem, affected by the problem, or solutions to the problem. This section should be one to two pages in length.

Description and analysis of group communication problem. As consultant for the group you must identify and analyze the problem. Look at the group carefully and consider its strengths and weaknesses. This section allows you to specifically describe and analyze the communication problem as it relates to the group and its individual members. When analyzing the problem, use the textbook, our in class discussions, and external research as rationale for demonstrating why the communication issue is actually a problem. Although the group might have many communication related problems, I encourage you to focus on one or two problems so that you can provide the necessary depth to present usable solutions for solving the problem within the page limits of the paper. This section should be one to two pages in length.

Detailed summary of solution recommendations. Given your description and analysis of the problem, you should now be prepared to provide a solution or solutions to the problem. This section enables you to apply research, personal experiences, and ideas developed in class to provide solutions for overcoming the problem. Be detailed in this section and do not limit yourself to only obvious solutions. I will be looking for accuracy, thoughtfulness, and creativity in your solutions. Take time to discuss and provide rationale for how the solution will help the small group overcome the communication problem. Because I might have preconceived thoughts on how to solve your problem, your rationale for your solutions is very important for helping me understand why a given solution will be beneficial. This section of the paper should be between two to four pages in length.

The consulting assignment will be evaluated on your demonstrated understanding of the group, excellence in comprehension and analysis of the problem, and your ability to thoughtfully apply small group communication insights, solutions to the problem, and application of course concepts.

Mechanics (grammar, spelling, and use of APA format) and your ability to work together as a team to complete this assignment will have an influence on your grade. Think carefully about this paper and challenge yourself.

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