Social Psychology

Argument Papers ( 5-7 pages in length)
You will chose the topic for both of your argument papers related to topics discussed in the text or any other source related to social psychology. The topic does not need to be approved by your instructor, but must be related to social psychology. You may consult with the instructor if you would like to discuss or have questions about your topic.
The argument paper should begin with a one-to-three-sentence statement of the main thesis or argument. A thesis is an argument concerning an issue. It clearly states your position. Your argument paper should primarily present your beliefs or conclusions related to the topic. Your argument should be supported using recent references that include the text as well as other reference material (i.e. scientific journals, web based resources, books).
A Crash Course on Argument Papers
-Select an issue or dilemma of interest.

-Review the pertinent literature.

-Decide on your “argument”; take a stance.

-Articulate your argument in a thesis statement.

-Summarize the issues; demonstrate an understanding of the controversy.

-Defend/argue in favor of your argument using all resources available.

-Finish with a strong summary statement that reinforces your thesis.

-Proofread your work; use grammar/spellcheck functions.

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