Social Work Assignment


Instruction :

  • Kindly write an article for internal newspaper in the organization
  • content should be between 550 words maximam
  • the topic about  Training Calendar for 2017 ( attached ) this is led by HR department
  • add the importance for training in the organization from any sources  and focus on in-house training
  • try to link our vision, mission and values in the article , I work in Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority and this is the organization website
  • until now we completed 25% of the plan, 80 employees attended and  the satisfaction rate for the courses  until now are 96% .
  • some of the courses is delivered by internal trainers , you can cover that too in the article we have 7 internal trainer from different specialty and department
  • below is the first announcement we sent for all employees , you might use some information  :

The Human Resources Department is pleased to announce the launch of the 2017 Training Calendar, which is now available on the intranet.        

The calendar was developed in collaboration with sector leaders and through a comprehensive training needs analysis exercise that looked at individual needs, performance management needs, career plans and organisational core, behavioural, and technical competencies requirements.

The training programme is available for you to:

  • View the monthly available courses
  • Apply for the relevant training course

We encourage you to discuss your requirements with your Line Manager and the Talent Development team who will be able to support you in selecting suitable training courses that meet your developmental needs and career aspirations.

In addition, we would like to announce the TCA Abu Dhabi Internal Trainer Programme; a team of experienced employees in various fields that will be sharing their knowledge through series of workshops that are inclusive in the training calendar.  You can view the profiles of the internal trainers by referring to the attached document.

For more information about the training courses and registration process, please refer to the following links:

  • Training Calendar 2017
  • Training Registration System Guide


Article on the Training Calendar

The Tourism and Culture Authority has rolled out its 2017 Training calendar in an attempt to provide a better opportunity and forum for employees to take up different courses depending on their varied interests and competencies. Some of the courses offered include Effective Presentation Skills, Strategic Thinking and Planning, Team Building, and several others. The organization has structured this training in such a way that the timing is relatively favorable for most individuals. Most of the courses being offered run for four days with the least taking just one day. Even better, these training sessions are conducted by internal trainers who are highly qualified and competent and hail from the different departments of the organization.


For instance, Body Language and Effective Communication Skills is being taught by Nisrine El Hajji who is a holder of a Master’s in Business Administrationand in Marketing, Management and Communication. She has also worked with numerous leading global organizations and leading brands. This goes to show just how serious and committed the agency is in ensuring that all individuals who enroll for different programs have the best resources at their disposal. It should be noted that this training program is well-structured and thought-out in terms of both time and resources. It was formulated in conjunction with several sector leaders and through a detailed analysis that addressed individual and performance management needs, career plans, organizational and other technical requirements. All these components are the fundamental forces behind the current efficiency of the training program.

Training provides a principal opportunity for all employees to expand their skills and knowledge.By taking up various courses, they get to learn new emerging concepts and build on what they know to sharpen their skills and transform them into experts in their diverse fields. It also allows individuals to improve on their weaknesses. Exposure to such programs accords employees the chance to strengthen those must-have skills and thus bring them to a higher level where they all possess similar abilities and knowledge. By doing so, the problem of having to deal with weak links in a company is alleviated since all employees are now more knowledgeable and can take on work either as a group or independently without any supervision. As such, organizational performance is improved in the long because competent employees are more confident and can work towards changing the industrial standards to ensure the company remains at the top and ahead of its competitors.

The organization has undoubtedly tried to intertwine the modules it offers together with its core values of creativity, pro-activeness, excellence, and collaboration. By creating a framework that has the best interests of every individual at heart, this organization is portraying itself as the very embodiment of commitment and utmost professionalism. All these principles concur with its vision of offering all residents and visitors alike a unique experience. For this reason, it does not come as a shock that the company has already completed 25% of its plan and is well on its way to achieving greater success. Besides, approximately 80 employees have attended the training sessions, and statistics indicate that 96% of them were satisfied with the outcomes. The numbers of employees signing up are expected to increase exponentially, and this will be a direct measure of the effectiveness of the training offered by the organization.

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