Statement of Purpose


The teacher has asked us to do Statement of professional philosophy about myself. This paper should be half a page in length. I will attach my resume and also the teacher’s example of a statement of professional philosophy. If you need anything else let me know.


Statement of Professional Philosophy

My interest in finance started at an early age. When I was as young as five years old, I used to take a keen interest in personal finance. As I grew older, I discovered that finance is not just limited to one individual; on the contrary, it has a broader reach. I learned that the values of integrity, commitment, courtesy, and respect were applicable not just in personal finance but also in public finance. Thus, I chose to live by these values, which I believe are at the heart of success in any work environment and life in general.

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As the assistant store manager at Jazashad Clothing Company in Ahmadabad, Saudi Arabia, my roles included administering employee benefits, processing payrolls, managing visa requests for foreign workers, and explaining the company’s insurance policy. I was also involved in handling customer complaints, restocking phones, and matching customer’s needs with the company’s products. Moreover, while working at the Small Business Development Centre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as a business consultant intern, I was involved in preparing projected financial statements.

These roles not only taught me the value of teamwork, accountability, stress management, effort, and creativity, they also exposed me to leadership skills. Consequently, I now know how to lead by example, to make the right judgment calls, to learn from my mistakes, and to work relentlessly towards correcting them. Moreover, I have realized that people have individuals who always portray a “know-it-all” attitude. I believe that there is always an opportunity for me to learn something new.

As a finance intern, I hope to contribute positively to the field by applying the highest level of expertise in data analysis, finance, economics, computer applications, and investments. I also hope that one day I will be as proficient as my mentors in order to be an inspiration to others not just in the field of finance but also in all other aspects of life. Thus, my philosophy is centered on demonstrating the values of integrity, commitment, courtesy, and respect in order to set a good example for everyone in society.

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