Technology and Culture 

The student is to take a stand (make an argument) concerning the influence of technology in ethical and social contexts. “Technology” may be in general or you may select an aspect or aspects of technology.
Use reputable sources to support your argument. Reputable resources are those that come from peer-reviewed journals, Do Not use Wikipedia and other such online references that can either be changed without peer review, or does not have a system of peer review to begin with. You may use newspaper articles to point toward, or give an example of the issue(s) but they do not count toward the minimum number or sources. This paper should be no shorter than four pages (not including your citation/bibliography page) and no longer than seven pages. The minimum number of sources is 5.
Papers should be formatted with one inch margins, double-spaced, using 11 to 12 point in a regular font type.
This assignment is due by end of the fourth week of class on Sunday by 11:30AM ET.

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