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Apple Case Study


Introduction. 1

What historically have been apple’s competitive advantages?. 1

How sustainable is apple’s competitive position in PCs. 2

How I assess Apple’s competitive position in smartphones. 3

Prospects for the Apple Watch. 4

How to replicate Apple’s success in my company. 4


What historically have been apple’s competitive advantages?

Apple is a technology company that has experienced phenomenal growth in the world. Some of its-time best-selling and revolutionary products include the iPad, the iPod, and the iPhone. The company has a strong brand that customers have always identified with over the years. As a result, many of them have always preferred Apple products over those of competitors. Before the year 2010, the company accumulated super-normal profits leading to a high growth rate. It used the retained earnings to further research and fund innovative ideas as has been its custom.


Moreover, the company successfully controlled the market of hardware and software of its products for many years, a factor that earned it a lot of revenue. In all its products, the company always has user experience in mind, thus enabling it to produce the right software for all its devices at the time their release. Therefore, as other companies struggle to differentiate their software, Apple focuses its energy on more innovative products with superior software. It has continuously reinvented its products to produce devices that exceeded end-user expectations thereby consolidating usage.

The company allowed a large number of small retailers to stock all its products and accessories all over the country. The company also trained these retailers to provide support and repair services. Using this rare experience of interacting with retailers and customers, the company established and successfully sustained an online retail store, a feat many businesses failed to achieve. The company offers its products and services online, and it allows people to make orders through that platform with guaranteed speedy delivery.

Additionally, the company has all along engaged its customers constructively to find out the products they prefer and the kind of features they love in those products. That has made it possible for it to give them quality products with unique features. On their part, customers have identified with the success of the company by queuing to acquire its products after every major release.

How sustainable is apple’s competitive position in PCs

Apple manufactures PCs that have a large memory, are faster, and store more information compared to competitors’ products.  This is one factor that promoted the demand for these PCs. Moreover, Apple has over the years attracted consumers who appreciate the digital lifestyle and would love to have their devices synchronize with their PCs. Apple has made this possible by allowing customers sync cameras, music players, digital camcorders, and mobile handsets without fearing that their devices might be infected with a computer virus. To consolidate its market share further, the company focuses on better computer design and lifestyle to come up with products consumers are proud to use at home and in the office.

            Besides, Apple’s research and development department understand that people need faster machines. That is why it developed laptops and PCs running on Intel chips; they are very fast and consume lower power than earlier models. The company also aimed to give greater variety by manufacturing PCs that could integrate Microsoft operating system programs together with its Macintosh software. This feature has played a significant role in promoting product sales across the industry.             

 At the same time, it has all along developed a very stable PC operating system that computer professionals have favored. In 2010, 81% of the Macintosh users expressed satisfaction with the company’s software and other applications, which is a higher figure than the51% satisfaction levelforWindows XP users.  

How I assess Apple’s competitive position in smartphones

 Apple is performing well in the mobile phone industry. To begin with, its products have a full sensitive touch screen and the software is based on applications that clients can identify easily. Another feature that promotes Apple is its ability to produce software that connects seamlessly to its many devices. This makes it possible for people with many Apple devices to connect them quickly with Macintosh computers. Therefore, customers can differentiate Apple products by size. Regarding software operations, they are a satisfied lot, a factor that has enhanced user experience in smartphones. 


            Additionally, the company continuously improves the features of its smartphones by focusing on customer experience. Also, the company has a wide distribution network, such that its products are available in all leading stores. Thus, it is possible for customers to acquire their favorite products as they shop for other items. Moreover, Apple smartphones currently retail at almost the same price as competing products despite them having more advanced features and better design.

Prospects for the Apple Watch

Apple has been working on a fashionable watch that has internet capabilities and a widescreen despite it being a small device. The firm aspires to increase its sales by incorporating a street cachet; a feature that is poised to increase penetration not only among the working class but also the youthful generation. 

            The Apple Watch has a unique health tracking system that has an inbuilt means of checking the heartbeat, blood sugar, oxygen among other main health indicators, making it superior to competitors’ products in terms of features. The device is designed in such a way that it will relay the data collected to the designated medical practitioner who shall draft a report and communicate it to the client. Also, the watch shall track the health and fitness condition of the wearer and advise when the owner has relaxed after exercising. Due to its focus on health matters, the Apple Watch is poised to become one of Apple customers’ must-have products. Thus, it is highly likely to be as successful as other Apple products in terms of sales. 

How to replicate Apple’s success in my company

Apple is one company that has become a success story for so many years in all its product offerings. I would love to replicate the success Apple has achieved with its software and hardware especially by manufacturing easy-to-use devices with a unique design.  The company has always promoted superior user experience in all its gadgets. Similarly, I want a situation where customers find my products quite easy to operate soon after the first encounter. Moreover, I will incorporate the idea of innovation just like Apple has done in order to come up with products that work together seamlessly.  I would love to see a scenario where all the goods we shall manufacture will employ almost the same basic software capabilities, making compatibility easy. Besides, I will replicate Apple’s idea of consistency in the use of software systems that meet very specific standards in terms of stability Just like Apple, I will achieve this feat by investing in stable and fully functional software that will eliminate the need for customers to keep switching between software features.  Furthermore, I will borrow the Apples practice of maintaining a broad distribution channel for its products. In this regard, I will also incorporate many small retailers to stock our products and train them in basic functionalities to assist clients by offering quality after-sale services. Lastly, I will stock our products in virtually all large stores, thus increasing accessibility to our customers.

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