Terrorism and Natural Disaster Preparations

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Write a paper (1,262 words) that focuses on the issue of threats of terrorism and natural disasters. Address the following:

1) The importance of incorporating a business plan contingency for addressing such threats.

2) What the contingency plan needs to include, for example:

a) Workforce training.

b) Mitigation of confusion.

c) Time management.

d) Building a response capacity.

e) Coordination of local health agencies.

f) Mitigation of fear and panic.


3) How the contingency plan’s particulars will be communicated to the various stakeholders (employees, consumers, local and national authorities, etc.).


Using your present employer organization as a model, prepare the organization’s business threat evaluation


Complete two of the Sample Forms for Organizational Contingency Planning for Disasters and Terrorism www.ready.gov


Chapter 20 in the text book by  Johnson, J. (2009). Health Organizations: Theory, Behavior, and Development. Sudbury, Massachusetts: Jones & Bartlett , Publishers

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