The Civil War and Reconstruction

Write a paper about an event in a period of U.S. history up to Reconstruction. This paper must be written from the perspective of a specific historical figure from an under-represented population. Use this assignment as an opportunity to create an account from your subject’s perspective, to tell a history that people might not have seen interpreted the way you interpret it. Represent the person’s era and experience in context of what was happening around them, prioritizing their experience rather than the dominant experience. Possible perspectives include that of Anne Hutchinson, Pocahontas, or Sojourner Truth.

This paper must include a discussion of the following topics:

A thorough summary of the event, including the incidents that took place and the key individuals involved
The importance of the event in the larger scope of U.S. history
How the event changed the daily life of the person from whose perspective you are writing
A prediction for how the event will make a long-term impact in the lives of those in the under-represented group from which the perspective is being written (keep in mind that this perspective should be written from the time at which the event took place).
Please adhere to the following requirements for the paper:

Adhere to APA Referencing

Consist of at least four full pages but no more than six pages
Use at least five sources, including a scholarly journal article
Have an introduction and strong thesis
Make use of historical evidence and examples supporting your thesis
Finish with a forceful conclusion reiterating your main idea.

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