The enlightenment and romantic periods in history

Write a summary of 30 to 60 words on 10 subjects revolving around the enlightenment and romantic periods in history.

The enlightenment period

  • Passion According to St. Matthew 1727 composition by Johann Sebastian Bach
  •  An Essay on Man (1733), Alexander Pope
  •  Brandenburg Gate, 1791 designed by the Architects Carl Gotthard Langhans and Johann Gottfried Schadow
  • Huguenot Pierre Bayle (1674-1706), whose scepticism and pleas for religious toleration

The romantic period

  • Thomas Gainsborough. The Market Cart (1786)
  • Francisco Goya. The Young Girls (1813)
  • Hungarian Rhapsodies (1846) of Franz Liszt
  •  Harold in Italy (1834) Hector Berlioz
  •   John Keats. Ode to a Nightingale 1819
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau- propositioned the philosophy of “Noble Savages.”
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