The Protestant Reformation

Using any combination of outside sources, this week’s presentation, and lectures, please write a one to two (1-2) page paper detailing what things made the Protestant Reformation so successful in bringing about change when other movements before the 1500s were unable to create reform or new belief systems that lasted. Do you think the Reformation could have happened at an earlier point? Why or why not?

Grading Rubric:

Use of correct APA formatting (max. 5 points)
Paper is free of grammatical and/or spelling errors (max. 10 points)
Use of at least one outside source with proper citation/reference (max. 5 points)
Student wrote at least one page of text of 250 words (max. 20 points)
Clearly stating:
The rise of printing, writing, and literacy (max. 20 points)
The ideas of the Renaissance in terms of Humanism (max. 20 points) and
Support for whether the Reformation could have happened earlier (max. 20 points)

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