The role of sports in the lives of Arab women

13 pages, 8 sources, 1 page summary, Research Paper, Anthropology, Undergraduate, Chicago



  1. Cover page
  2. Table of content
  3. Introduction (define what is considered normative behavior for girls specifically Arab and/or Muslim girls)
  4. Literature review
  5. Historical context
  6. Scope and methodology incorporating cultural theories to understand the hypothesis or the ramifications of it. Ex, trope of women as nation
  7. On the field research (I will add this section not included in the 12 pages)
  8. Findings and analysis
  9. Conclusion ——— main idea + initial hypotheses is this: I hypothesize that the sport is being slowly integrated in the lives of Arab Muslim women. The attitudes towards physical activities are amending making it more acceptable to do so. Both veiled and unveiled women get a chance to participate in sport whilst maintaining a Muslim Arab Female identity. These new cosmopolitan, (clarify) attitudes make it possible to have a complex multi-layered modern identity. Moreover, women result to sports as a mean of resistance or negotiation to construct their roles as �modern� Muslim women in the public sphere. In this paper, I seek to examine the cultural narratives, context, heritage, and role of religion in constructing and reaffirm women�s roles in the public sphere of physical activities
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