Unit IV Article Critique

Pick a research topic that is of interest to you. Make certain that the topic is notable enough to locate at least one published article. Some examples of effective topics could relate to: home town, a prominent family member, place of worship, annual (local) cultural event, locally specific profession/interest, or local leader. After you have selected your topic, locate at least one peer-reviewed article about your selected topic’s experience in the years between the world wars (1920-1936) and write a minimum 500 word article discussing the perception of the experience from your topic’s point of view. Make certain to include the following: · how the return from war, and return to war, affected families and surrounding demographics; · how economic challenges might have affected your topic’s experience; · how the migrations of numerous social and economic groups during this time impacted your topic; · any impact that social movements, such as Flapper Culture, Lost Generation, or the Harlem Renaissance, had on the cultural interests of your topic; and · any New Deal programs which may have affected your topic.  A minimum of two pages but no more than 3 pages in APA format, topic does not matter.

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