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How to write an outstanding personal statement 

A personal statement is a description of your talents, accomplishments, interests, and goals and prepared when one wants a college/job placement. A compelling personal statement must indicate why you are the best candidate for the course you are applying for and should give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. 


 Just like any other type of academic writing, it has an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.  If you have been asking “how will I write my personal statement?” this article is to help you write brilliantly.


This is a very important stage in academic writing. As you look forward to writing your personal statement you need to:

  • Know the prompt focus. What should you include in your statement?
  • How much do you know about the course you are applying for?
  • What do you know about the research field you are going into? What are the qualities, experiences, research skills, and interests relevant to your discipline?
  • What is involved in the career you are getting into?  What would be the requirements of your day to day work?


Brainstorming is important before you start writing. Think about as many stories as possible. This gives you options and ideas especially if stuck in the middle.  You can tell a story on:

  • Your heritage. Exciting stories and moments in your family and your identity.
  • Academics. Which book/ paper or moment in school that inspired you?
  • Mentorship.  Talk about individuals who have greatly influenced how you do things.  For example, someone who inspired you to undertake a particular project/ task, pursue something in your life, or grow your talent.
  • Difficulties.  These are moments of struggle with something. It’s challenging to write about such moments but if well done, it can be great and unique.

Story writing tips

 Be descriptive. A personal statement is a story. For a story to be greatly interesting and memorable, the events have to be well described.  Your description is meant to show how things occurred but not to tell.


Be specific rather than being general.  Use the right adjectives, phrases, details, and descriptions to pass your message.  Don’t generalize your statement; this makes your work dull.

Focus on moments.  Your statement focus should be on those special moments that inspired you. Not the entire period. For example, talk about a specific moment during your high school days but not awhile story on your school days.

Qualities of an effective personal statement

Many undergraduate students want to join a graduate school, but they cannot write an effective statement. Then the question that lingers in the mind of such a student is who will write my personal statement?  Advanceduswriters.com has the solution. Besides, the following tips will guide you on knowing what your statement should be like.

Must explain why the particular school is the best fit for the student.

 In short and simple paragraphs, clearly explain how you will fit into the school’s culture, departmental interests, research, and the entire university community. As you write your statement, your scope should be broad, from the professors you would like to work with, to how the school resources are of importance to you.  Also, think about your work, experiences, expectations relate to your departmental or field values.

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Should focus on specific elements of student’s undergraduate career

If you’re seeking a placement in a graduate school, explain in your statement, why pursuing the life of a scholar is important to you.  Describe how your specific experiences have prepared you for the next level, why you choose your career and how graduate studies will advance you.

Should show clear direction and at the same time demonstrate willingness to learn more and change.

To put this across, there are sample phrases that you will mostly use. They include but not limited to; progressing, advancing, growing, developing, changing, evolving, and increasing, etc. These phrases show a positive change.

Indicate what the contribution of the student is to the school, not only what the student gains from the school.

Indicate your contribution to the school for example in your department. In addition to why you want to work with a specific professor state your contribution to their work.

Common mistakes to avoid

Personal statements are formal documents and should be formally written. The choice of language is thus essential.  In your statement;

Avoid any speculative language, shows ignorance, and more supplicative.  Demonstrate confidence in what you are saying and our ability, don’t prove your innocence or appear like you are pleading your case for consideration.


Avoid any language that is too impressive, that shows your self- importance or entitlement.

Most students make big mistakes by thinking if they exaggerate their ability, the character they will be guaranteed a place in graduate school.

Too many words

In most cases, in the instructions, you wind the required number of words, spacing, and font size. Adhere to these guidelines. You may have much to write about your memorable moments but you need to only describe the most relevant ones depending on the purpose of your writing. Avoid unnecessary information in your statement. You can do this by:

  • Avoid repetitions. If you had stated some details elsewhere, you don’t have to put it in your statement.
  • Do away with personal anecdotes such is how you got interested in the school, field, class, etc.
  • Avoid any information that presents what you already said in your C.V.

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